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Exam Results

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Exam Results



University of Texas at Austin
Psy 301 - Introduction to Psychology
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Social Learning Social Cognitive Exam Results 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 A B C D E 1 Reciprocal Determinism 2 Humanistic Perspective Based in understanding and acceptance of one s own existence and responsibility Phenomenological reality one s conscious understanding of his her world Person factors cognitive Overt Behavior Environmental influences Situation 3 Abraham Maslow 4 Strengths of Humanistic Theory Focus on the positive fits in with other perspectives Face validity Easily 5 6 1 Weaknesses Biological Approach Lack of concrete treatment approaches Can t help people with severe pathology Inaccurate view of human nature Difficult to test empirically Hard to test Cortical arousal and the Ascending reticular system Introverts versus extroverts Behavioral approach system BAS versus Behavioral inhibition system 7 8 Personality as Adaptation Maybe it s nothing Advantages of being different diversity of offspring occupying alternative niches Family environment sibling contrast birth order differences Gender differences 9 Sex Differences in Personality 10 The Origins of Personality Women are more trustworthy extraverted anxious tendertender minded nurturant minded nurturant Heredity Heredity Men more assertive have slightly higher selfself esteem Unshared biological relatives tend to resemble each other more than adoptive relatives or unrelated persons environment environment aspects of the environment that differ from one person to another 11 12 2 Genetic Influences on Personality Twin Studies Results suggest that personality differences in the population are 40 50 genetically determined 13 Identical twins are much more alike on Big Five than are fraternal twins 14 Interactionism Where does personality come from 15 CrossCross Cultural Differences in Personality Q Describe yourself briefly Americans elaborate Locus of Control belief that rewards either are or are not controllable by one s own efforts may be internal or external respond confidently and Focus on

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