CU-Boulder IPHY 2420 - Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease on Pine Ridge Reservation (3 pages)

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Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease on Pine Ridge Reservation

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Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease on Pine Ridge Reservation


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Iphy 2420 - Nutrition for Health and Performance
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IPHY 2420 1nd Edition Lecture 29 Outline of Last Lecture November 12 2014 1 Sport Supplements Ergogenic Aids 2 Protein Powder 3 Creatine 4 Anabolic Steroids 5 Growth Hormones 6 EPO s Outline of Current Lecture November 17th 2014 American Nutrition Week Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease on Pine Ridge Reservation 1 Demographics 2 3 4 5 6 7 Social Issues Health Conditions Alcoholism in Pine Ridge Oral Health Conditions Native American Genetics TAKE HOME CORRELATION Current Lecture Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease on Pine Ridge Reservation 1 Demographics Oglala Sioux Reservation South Dakota 8th largest reservation in the nation Every reservation is its own nation with own rules different taxes courts police officers etc Larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined 15 000 residents Poor agriculture land 2 Social Issues Poorest Indian Reservation in the country High unemployment and high school dropout rate Casino main source of income not popular or high income casinos These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Housing market is extremely poor average of 17 people per home up to 30 sleep in shifts Many houses have black mold very dangerous gets in lungs of all occupants No federal money to cure fix problems One grocery store for the entire reservation far drive for many people all of these problems keep adding up NO public transportation Commodities Program Donates food to schools jails and Indian Reservations SUPPLEMENTAL food to what you already have Food that is easy to store all of it has HFC preservatives salt and trans fats not healthy 3 Health Conditions Diabetes rate is 8x higher then U S National Average to cure it requires lots of health care which they do not have access to treat Infant Mortality Rates 3x higher then U S National Average sign of nations health attribute to black mold Cervical Cancer Rate 5x higher then U S National Average Pap smear is required to test against this not available Health conditions correlate to inability to get to the hospital doctor Life expectancy Males 48 and females 52 U S average is 75 9 years old Blood Quantum How much percent of your blood makes you the type of tribe you are If you are a certain percentage you have access to free health care and dental care Blood quantum card has 58 Sioux and 40 Oglala or whatever Irony FREE healthcare that they cannot get to 4 Alcoholism in Pine Ridge More than 50 of adults have addiction issues 8 out of 10 families affected by alcoholism despite being a dry reservation Nearest liquor store is 400 Yards off the reservation in a city with 14 residentsthey sell 4 1000 000 cans of beer per year for 3 000 000 annual trade Alcoholism enable parents to be good parents teaching to brush teeth helping them get nutritious meals 5 Oral Health Conditions Highest rate of child cavities in the WORLD 80 of children Cavities caused by plaque build up not brushing teeth Can lead to periodontal disease in not treated Less the 50 of the population has access to fluoridated water no money to pay for it 20 of students use smokeless tobacco Among people ages 35 44 50 have moderate to severe periodontal disease Dental Plaque Biofilm that forms on teeth microorganisms consume carbs and convert them to acid Causes demineralization and inflammation of gums Theory Highest rate of decay due to malnutrition during first trimester of pregnancy not proved yet 6 Native American Genetics Population Bottle Neck Only the surviving Native Americans through all early diseases from early settlers are what the population is made up of Pro Inflammatory Native Americans have gene pool that represents people with high immunity the body is constantly checking to see if you have a disease the downside it that pro inflammatories o IL 6 Interleukin Six Frantic gene that reacts quickly to disease but this makes humans much more prone to Type 2 Diabetes o Thrifty Gene Hypothesis Many tribes people survived through starvation APRIL IS THE SARVATION MONTH The thrift gene hold onto calories but when they are getting enough to eat it actually hurts them diabetes HBP 2 Types of Plaque Dental Plaque caused by poor hygiene and results in cavities CVD Plaque is caused by poor diet and results in CVD and HBP Totally different types of plaque 7 TAKE HOME CORRELATION 1 Societal Factors Genetics IL6 Blood Quantum No access to health care low quality education for healthcare limited access to food commodities limited choice to what you are eating low income and no access to transportation bad housing black mold alcoholism thrifty gene over occupancy of housing ALL OF THESE LEAD TO MALNUTRITION 2 Malnutrition During Pregnancy LEADS TO PLAQUE 3 Increase Dental Plaque LEADS TO CAVITIES 4 Cavities and Gingivitis LEAD TO PRO INFLAMMATORIES 5 Increased Pro inflammatories IL6 Thrifty Gene 6 Increased risk of Cardio Vascular Disease CHRONIC INFLAMMATION Chronic state of inflammation of oral hygiene makes body live in a stress state and changes body make up causing diseases

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