CU-Boulder IPHY 2420 - Maintaining Blood Glucose Levels (4 pages)

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Maintaining Blood Glucose Levels

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Maintaining Blood Glucose Levels


Lecture Notes 9/10/14

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University of Colorado at Boulder
Iphy 2420 - Nutrition for Health and Performance

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IPHY 2420 1nd Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture I Announcements II Carbohydrates III MONOSACCHRIDES DISACCHARIDES IV Sucrose V Alternative Sweeteners VI Complex Carbohydrates VII What is Whole Grain VIII What happens to Carbohydrates in Your Body Outline of Current Lecture I Maintaining Blood Glucose Levels II Ketone Bodies and Ketosis III What is Hypoglycemia IV What is Diabetes V What is Lactose Intolerance Current Lecture Maintaining Blood Glucose Levels HORMONE WHEN SECRETED Action on Glucose Insulin Blood glucose increase Pancreas releases insulin and there is an uptake of sugar by cells Glucagon Blood glucose decrease Glycogen breakdown and synthesis of glucose Your brain requires 80 of the glucose in your body When you don t consume sugar your body gets it from glucagon Diabetics Do not have or respond to that insulin unless they give themselves an injection These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute What happens when you don t eat 2 Body reserves 1 Stored Glucagon Glycogenolysis breakdown of glucagon releasing glucose into the blood 2 Fats Lypolsis breakdown of triglycerides for energy We don t feel good during this back up process Ketone Bodies and Ketosis Form as result of incomplete fat break down Poorly controlled diabetes Fasting or starving Low carb high protein diet Atkins Diet very dangerous putting body into constant stress state Ketosis Condition that occurs with very high blood ketone bodies opposite of homeostasis unconsciousness or death may occur Distinct fruity breath acid levels very high in the body because we breakdown fat and not glucose Body Priorities For energy we burn Glucagon glucose fat and proteins Are Carbs Fattening Dependent on the type added sugars refined starches high fructose corn syrup Healthier choices Fiber rich food What is Hypoglycemia Abnormally low blood glucose levels most of us have experienced the

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