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Hunger in America

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Hunger in America


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Iphy 2420 - Nutrition for Health and Performance
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IPHY 2420 1st Edition Lecture 33 Outline of Last Lecture December 1 2014 1 Epigenetics 2 Bioactive Food Components 3 Future Generations 4 The Dutch Hunger Winter 5 Relationships with other Starvation events Outline of Current Lecture December 3 2014 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 HUNGER IN AMERICA Food Insecurity Pattern of Malnutrition US Programs to Address Food Security Private Food Sources 3 Step Burden What does 10 00 Buy Food Desert Effects of Hunger 10 Solutions Current Lecture 1 HUNGER IN AMERICA Americans don t like to talk about hunger we are suppose to be the land of plenty 1968 Video Hunger in America first time we discussed hunger we spend 1 5 billion dollars a year to feed the rest of the world 30 Million Americans Hungry 3 federal food programs Mexican Americans in San Antonio WAKE UP CALL FOR AMERICANS 48 Million Americans in 2012 5x higher then in 1960 57 increase since late 1990 s These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 1 6 Americans vs 1 20 Europeans we over produce food in America and export it to other countries Why are so many people hungry in the worlds richest country Who are hungry in America 2004 o The working poor working but not enough to pay bills and eat amount o Underemployed Unemployed o Migrant Farmers paid for how much food you pick when you are sick you don t get paid o Undocumented workers no rights o Elderly Loss wages social security medicines are expensive o Homeless no constant income o Children no constant income Association of hunger really hungry skinny dirty people This isn t the truth The hungry people are Americans not having enough money to pay for basic needs Most people who are hungry ARE STILL WORKING just for insufficient wages NOW in 2014 who is hungry o Married persons o Clothed o Housed credit card o Overweight o American Hunger looks different o WAGES HAVEN T KEPT UP WITH COST OF LIVING o 2 3 of families who are hungry have at least one person working typically a full time job 1 in 7 Americans are on food stamps 46 Million Americans 2 Food Insecurity The new word for hunger established by the government Any household where during the previous year people did not have enough to eat Occurs when availability of nutritionally adequate food and safe food or ability to get food in a socially acceptable way is limited or uncertain Not socially acceptable Dumpster diving stealing 3 Pattern of Malnutrition 1 Worry about how to get enough food 2 Stretch resources more money to other expenses and less to food Americans only spend 10 of income on food and we have the cheapest food in the world 3 Quality and variety of food decreases cheap filling foods 4 Adults eat less and less food 5 Children eat less and less food When they are deciding if you qualify for food stamps they measure light moderate and severe food security Light Often sometimes don t have enough money to buy more food Moderate Didn t eat because you couldn t afford food Severe Did any of the children not eat 4 US Programs to Address Food Security SNAP National School Lunch Program School Breakfast Program Kids eat 2 3 of nutrition needed to grow at school every day Special Milk Program WIC Food distribution Program on Indian Reservations Commodities Program Elderly Nutrition Program Meals on Wheels Summer Food Service Programs Children cannot get 2 3 of nutrients at school during summer Disaster Food Program 5 Private Food Sources Soup Kitchens Religious Organizations gives dinner and bus pass churches organize which church provides dinner which night Food Pantries Home Delivery Meals 6 3 Step Burden POVERTY HUNGER MALNUTRITION Limits access to medical care Discourages educational and personal advancement lack of food changes time scale if you wonder how am I going to eat today How can you think about a 4 year degree Change in Time Scale The poverty obesity paradox How can someone be obsess and hungry at the same time o Overconsumption of calories empty calories density calories not nutritional calories simple sugars high fat HFCS o Food Quality VERY LOW o Crop Subsidies Food is based on US access to corn Hamburger is only 1 o Overeating when food is unavailable eat faster and this causes obesity o Physiological Changes starvation causes body to hold onto calories more easily thrifty gene 7 What does 10 00 Buy Big Mac French Fries Parfait Three Cookies Large Soft Drink 2000 calories UNHEALTHY Half Gallon of Milk half pound of green beans dinner rolls bell pepper bananas 1380 Calories EATING UNHEALHY MORE CALORIES 8 Food Desert Urban neighborhoods and rural towns without access to fresh healthy and affordable food Instead of supermarkets communities are food by fast food stores and convince stores Eating unhealthy causes diabetes this is expensive to treat circle problem 9 Effects of Hunger Iron zinc protein antioxidants lack of meat fruits and veggies Vegetables only at start of month start of month is more money Stress from unexpected bills seasons diseases ADHD or hunger Inability to focus in school Hoarding and stealing Easting too quickly when food is available 10 Solutions Aquaponics growing plants under fish and fish poo becomes fertilizer Food co ops cheaper Sponsorship Boxes Buying boxes for food Big Store Grocery Delivery Helps people without cars Mobile Produce Trucks CTA Bus lets people get on bus and buy veggies

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