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Exam 4 Study Guide

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Exam 4 Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Colorado at Boulder
Iphy 2420 - Nutrition for Health and Performance
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IPHY 2420 1nd Edition Exam 4 Study Guide AND ANSWER KEY 11 17 2014 through 12 5 2014 Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease on Pine Ridge Reservation ORDER THE EVENTS A B C D E F 1 2 3 4 Increased Dental Plaque Societal Factors and Genetics Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Increased Pro Inflammatories Cavities and Gingivitis Malnutrition during pregnancy Name 5 SOCIAL issues on the Pine Ridge Reservation Name the 5 HEALTH issues on the Pine Ridge Reservation Name 3 ways ALCOHOLISM effects the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Name 3 reasons the Pine Ridge Reservation has the highest rate of children with cavities in the world 5 Define BLOOD QUANTUM 6 Define POPULATION BOTTLENECK 7 DEFINE THRIFTY GENE 8 DEFINE IL 6 GENE 9 DEFINE CHRONIC INFLAMMATION 10 What is the difference between Dental Plaque and CVD Plaque Understanding The Affordable Care Act Obama Care MATCH THE KEY TERMS BELOW 1 Deductible 2 Premium 3 Co Payments 4 Health Savings Account 5 Pre Existing Condition 6 Patchwork Solution 7 Customer Assistance Program 8 Customer Protection 9 Tax Credits 10 Health Insurance Market Place A Amount of yearly paycheck deduction B An account that can only be used to pay medical bills a percentage of each paycheck is deposited here before it is taxed C States can apply for federal grants to hire advocates to help citizens navigate the new health care system Each state has own healthcare website D Amount paid out of pocket when you see a specialist doctor or the ER E Obama Care is not a new solution but instead a combination of previous solutions to help the 50 million Americans without health insurance F Allow individuals to get health care from a private insurance company not just their employer Offers a choice of plans that create a highly competitive and transparent market place G Amount paid out of pocket before the insurance company starts to pay 1000 H A documented medical condition such as Diabetes or HIV I This prohibits companies from refusing service based on gender or pre existing conditions Women and Pre existing conditions also prevents companies for charging higher rates based on health conditions J Program to lower cost of health insurance Individuals making less then 43 000 or families of 4 making 88 000 a year are eligible 1 2 3 4 5 6 Explain how the Affordable Care Act has extended coverage to young adults What is a PCIP What does it cover and who In what ways did the Affordable Care Act impact Medicaid Give an example of the Affordable Care Act being a Patchwork Solution Describe the coverage options for people ages 26 36 What are some risks associated with the Affordable Care Act Eating Healthy Over The Holidays 1 Which of the following is the most nutrient dense dessert a Red Velvet Cheesecake b Pecan Pie c Pumpkin Pie d Carrot Cake 2 Which Chili s Appetizer has the most calories a Spinach Artichoke Dip b Texas Cheese Fries c Chicken Egg Rolls d Buffalo Chicken Wings 3 Why is processed ham unhealthy for you a High Sodium b Low Iron c High Calories d Low Protein 4 What was the moral of Dr Nelson s Lecture a Eating out is a healthy alternative to cooking at home b Always ask the waiter for a calorie count of the menu if its not listed c Grilled Cheese sounds like a healthy choice but its super bad for you because the fat butter and cheese d Fried food is unhealthy for you lots of empty calories Pick grilled or blackened over fried Epigenetics FILL IN THE BLANK 1 The study of researches how lifestyle choices can impact the genes you pass on through second and third generations of offspring the word means in addition to genetics 2 An can either be inherited or altered These are the proteins and molecules that regulate the expression of genes 3 Histones and Methyl Groups are that turn genes on and off 4 and are generated through the metabolism and can also affect which genes are on and off 5 Even as a young adult food can influence your future by influencing prevention or progression of diseases changes in cell and tissue function and the increase or decrease of protein synthesis These are called 6 The diet and eating habits of a pregnant mother can impact her children and her grandchildren During if the mother is under stress like starvation the genes of her children and grandchildren may have a larger body mass 7 During the Dutch Hunger Winter 311 pregnant women had to live off of 500 calories a day when they gave birth their children had 8 The is an altered gene that results from a traumatic starvation event it is commonly compared to the thrifty gene 9 Children born during the Dutch Hunger Winter were more prone to and than their siblings born before or after the famine 10 are prime research subjects to study epigenetics scientists can monitor lifestyle choices in correlation with what genes are turned on and off WORD BANK NUTRIENTS OBESITY HEART DISEASE EPIGENOME BIOACTIVE FOOD COMPONENTS IGF2 REGULATION MECHANISMS IDENTICAL TWINS EPIGENETICS EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT PHYTOCHEMICALS ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE 1 2 3 4 Quality and quantity of food can affect whether or not methyl cells dock to the DNA If a methyl cell docks to the DNA it turns that gene on Epigenetics can be changed with the right drugs Synthetic materials alcohol consumption smoking and exposure to UV rays have also been shown to switch genes on and off 5 Kidney stones breast cancer high blood pressure high cholesterol and type two diabetes can all be signs of a baby born during a starvation 6 When the body remembers malnutrition and permanently changes the way our bodies process food this is called Progressive Adjusting 7 No part of the human body is older than 10 years 8 Epigenetics is faster then evolution because it changes the DNA in one generation as opposed to hundreds of years 9 Acquired characteristics CAN be passed on through epigenetics 10 When a bottle is heated BPA is broken down into the milk and may be consumed by the baby this can impact the child for the rest of their life How do the following examples correlate epigenetics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Animal Studies Indian Dietary Habits Japanese Green Tea Mental Illness Eating Disorders Fruit Fly Eggs Plants BPA HUNGER IN AMERICA 1 Name 5 groups of Americans who regularly did not have enough food in the early 2000 s 2 How has this list changed in 2014 Which groups are hungry now 3 What is the main reason many can t afford to buy enough food in 2014 4 Define FOOD INSECURITY 5 Name 5 damaging effects of hunger 6 Name the 5 steps in the Pattern of

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