CU-Boulder IPHY 2420 - Affordable Care Act (3 pages)

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Affordable Care Act

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Affordable Care Act


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Iphy 2420 - Nutrition for Health and Performance
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IPHY 2420 1nd Edition Lecture 30 Outline of Last Lecture American Nutrition Week Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease on Pine Ridge Reservation 1 Demographics 2 3 4 5 6 7 Social Issues Health Conditions Alcoholism in Pine Ridge Oral Health Conditions Native American Genetics TAKE HOME CORRELATION Outline of Current Lecture November 19 2014 Understanding The Affordable Care Act Obama Care 1 2 3 4 5 Key Terms Affordable Care Act New Customer Protections Improving Quality and Lowering costs Increasing Access to Affordable Care Current Lecture 1 Key Terms Premium How much you pay yearly paycheck deduction Deductibles How much you pay before insurance starts paying 1000 Co Payments How much you pay each times you go to see a doctor specialist or ER Health Savings Account A savings account is that can only be used to pay medical expenses taken out of paycheck before its taxed Pre Existing Condition A Documented medical condition 2 Affordable Care Act Before 2010 50 million Americans did not have any kind of health insurance These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Not a government run healthcare system private insurance Patchwork Solution Not a new solution just a combination of previous solutions Companies previously did not have to offer you health care unless you were working 40 hours a week 3 New Customer Protections Prohibits discrimination due to pre existing conditions or gender o Prohibits insurance companies from refusing to sell coverage or renew policies to people with pre existing conditions o Also prohibits insurances companies from charging higher rates based on health status o Women go to the doctor more are more expensive to cover then man gender bias Establishes Customer Assistance Programs in the United States o States can apply for federal grants to help customers navigate the new health care system real people to help you decide what healthcare to get o Each state has its own website and own amount of federal funds 4 Improving Quality and Lowering costs Tax credits are available to help lower the cost of their insurance o For individuals making 43 000 a year or less or families of 4 making 88 000 a year Establishing a Health Insurance Market Place o People will be able to buy directly in the health insurance marketplace instead of only getting insurance through their employer o This marketplace offers a choice of plans that meet certain benefits and cost standards this creates highly competitive and transparent market this gives people ability to compare and contrast insurances Increasing Access to Medicaid o In 2014 the qualifications for Medicaid expanded to 133 of the poverty If you are making less than 14 000 a year or 29 000 for a family of four o Previously you could only get Medicaid if you were totally broke elderly o States will receive 100 federal funding to support expanding coverage 5 Increasing Access to Affordable Care Extending Coverage to Young Adults o Previously insurance kicked you off of your parents insurance when you turned 19 o Now in 2014 young adults will be allowed to stay on their parents health plan until they are 26 PCIP Pre existing Condition Insurance Plan o Provides insurance to U S citizens who have pre existing condition who have been uninsured for 6th months EX 67 year old uninsured male with Type 1 Diabetes o Covers prescriptions drug expenses hospital care preventative care and annual physicals o PCIP users are required to pay any premiums deductibles and co payments o PATCHWORK 67 years old Medicaid and pre existing condition work together to combine insurances and pay for healthcare o Young Adults who were aged off of their parent s health insurance when they turn 19 will not be turned away o If the parents and young adult is uninsured then the young adult also qualifies for Medicaid and individual health care Coverage Options 26 36 o The ACA relies on them to buy Market Place Insurance and not use it stay healthy so you can pay for those on Medicaid and Pre Existing conditions o Public Insurance Provided by government based on low income age disability etc o Private Coverage Insurance sold through private company Under ACA there is more access to private coverage and limits on costs found on the health insurance market place 6 Risks For the whole country to go bankrupt if people fall ill and require medical attention This also discourages a healthy lifestyle because the population is forced to ignore illness or have chronic diseases go untreated preventative vs reactive Indian Reservations Preventative longest living populations With ACA the pool of insured people have been increased patched to cover gaps low income families elderly small profit organizations small business owners children 1926 individuals with pre existing conditions Ultimately the ACA allows more people to qualify for more health coverage Long Term goals of health

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