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KIN 272 Lab Prac cal 1 Terms to Know Review Guide Lab 1 No Terms Lab 2 Blood Review the Introduc on por on of the virtual labs 2A Hematocrit and 2B Blood typing and 2C White blood cell count for reference 2A Hematocrit 2B Blood type o What is hematocrit o What is normal accepted range for hematocrit for males and females o How do you measure hematocrit If you see a picture of a hematocrit tube capillary tube you should know the process and be able to calculate the hematocrit value NOTE numbers will be easily divisible o What are the an gens that determine blood type o Where are the an gens located o Where are the an bodies located o What is agglu na on o Know how to read agglu na on test results and determine blood type As in lab the tests will show A B and Rh agglu na on test results These will be displayed as images not actual slides 2C White blood cells o Review the Key concepts in the Introduc on of the virtual lab pay par cular aten on to the types of leukocytes white blood cells and their histology images o Be able to iden fy each type of leukocyte from their image NOTE same or very similar images from this lab o You should know the basic descrip ons of these cells as well including the size shape of cell and nuclei as described in the Key concepts of the virtual lab will be used o Cell types Agranulocytes lymphocytes monocytes Granulocytes basophils eosinophils neutrophils o NOTE You do NOT need to review the concept of the di eren al white blood cell count Lab 3 Heart Anatomy Aorta Aortic valve aortic semilunar valve Apex of heart Arch of aorta aortic arch Base of heart Chordae tendineae Coronary sinus Inferior vena cava Interventricular septum Left atrioventricular valve bicuspid valve Left atrium Left auricle Left ventricle Papillary muscle Pulmonary artery identify as left or right Pulmonary trunk Pulmonary valve pulmonary semilunar valve Pulmonary veins there are 4 2 from each lung Right atrioventricular valve tricuspid valve Right atrium Right auricle Right ventricle Superior vena cava Structures will be labeled on models and or pictures of dissected heart as in lab How does the Myocardium of the le ventricle compare to that of the right ventricle What is the path of blood through the heart o You should be able to iden fy prior or next structure of blood as it circulates and or what valve it passes through o Example What is the next loca on for a blood cell that currently resides in the right ventricle pulmonary trunk What valve did the blood cell pass through pulmonary semilunar valve OR pulmonary valve Lab 4 Blood Vessels HINT study the APR exercise images for vessel iden ca ons Most of these will be images there may be some models Histology of blood vessels o For elas c artery iden fy Tunica externa Tunica media Tunica in ma o What are the major di erences between the structure of an artery vein and capillary What are the three main arteries that branch o the aor c arch To iden fy Anterior cerebral a Posterior cerebral a and branches Common carotid a Axillary a Axillary v Brachial a Brachial vv Radial a Ulnar a Aorta arch abdominal Brachiocephalic trunk Left common carotid a Left subclavian a Abdominal aorta Femoral a Femoral v Great saphenous v Lab 5 Lympha c Gross anatomy Iden fy on models and or images images from APR exercises Pharyngeal tonsil Lymphoid nodule of ileum Peyer s patch of ileum Mediastinal lymph nodes Axillary lymph nodes Lab 6 Endocrine Gross anatomy Iden fy on models and or images images from APR exercises Hypothalamus Pancreas Pancreatic islet of Langerhans histological image Pituitary gland Spleen Thyroid gland Suprarenal gland Thymus Focus on pancreas histology and func on o What part of the pancreas has endocrine func on o What hormone s are produced there and what is their func on

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