UGA ADSC 2010 - Horse Production
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ADSC 2010 Lecture 38Outline of Last Lecture I. Selling to Grower/FinisherII. Farrow-to-FinishIII. Multiplier/PurebredIV. Swine DiseasesA. Bacterial/ViralB. NutritionalOutline of Current Lecture I. A Day in the Life of a Horse FarmerA. 7:30: Feed Horsesa. Myth #1b. Horse Quirksc. Myth #2B. 8:30: Water HorsesCurrent Lecture: Horse ProductionI. A Day in the Life of a Horse FarmerA. 7:30: Feed Horsesa. Myth #1: all horses need grain- Forage first, pasture, then hay, then grain- Growing, late gestation, lactation, HEAVILY worked horses: need grain- Minimize 1% long stem forage (dry matter)b. Horse Quirks- Cannot vomit: cardiac sphincter is tightly closed  colic - Must chew for saliva productiono Lubrication, acts as buffer (bicarbonates) o Acid continually secreted  prone to ulcers- Small stomach (8-10% GI Tract), rapid rate of passage in small intestine (30% GI Tract)o LI = 60% GI Tracto SI = 70 feet, food in SI for 1-1.5 hours, doesn’t digest fiber or watero Food in stomach for 15-10 minutes- High grain dietso No more than 0.75% BW gain at one time (7-7.5 lbs.)o Laminitis / founderc. Myth #2: protein level is the determining factor of energy level of feed- Energy found in carbs and fats- Feed more with more work- 12% feed is all you need, any more = waste  ammonia & kidney problems- Feed by weight of Horse- Feed to condition scoreo Scale 1 (too skinny) to 9 (too fat)o Keep them somewhere near 5-6o Can’t see ribs, but you can feel them- Feed by weight and not volumeo Not scoops because feeds weigh different amountsB. 8:30: Water Horses- Clean fresh water- Automatic waterers? o CHECK THEM!!o Break ice, remove the iceo Winter = more

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UGA ADSC 2010 - Horse Production

Type: Lecture Note
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