UGA ADSC 2010 - Four Segments of the Beef Industry
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ADSC 2010 Lecture 32Outline of Last Lecture I. Milk Production CycleA. Milk ProductionB. RebreedingC. End of LactationD. Dry Period II. Milk CompositionIII. Factors Affecting Milk ProductionA. BreedB. SizeC. AgeD. Length of Dry PeriodE. NutritionF. Body ConditionG. Milking FrequencyH. SeasonI. Disease J. ManagementIV. MastitisV. Calf ManagementA. Uses of Dairy CalvesB. Calf ManagementOutline of Current Lecture I. The Four Segments of Beef ProductionII. Purebred / Seedstock ProductionIII. Commercial ProducersIV. Stocker / BackgroundersV. Feedlot / Finishing PhaseVI. Beef Production: Four SegmentsVII. Outline of Beef IndustryVIII. More DetailCurrent Lecture: I. The Four Segments of Beef Production1. Purebred producers2. Commercial Producers3. Backgrounds / Stockers4. Feedlot FinishersII. Purebred / Seedstock ProductionCows bredTo Elite BullsAt ChristmasCalves Born first Calves Weaned in AprilWeek in OctoberHeifers bred at 15 mo Bulls rasied to yearlingAnd sold at 18 months age and marketedIII. Commercial ProducersCows Bred to bullHeifer Cows Bull CalvesDesirables kept for Undesirable Bulls castratedReplacement go to market and steers areFemales in herd taken to marketIV. Stocker / Backgrounders400-500 # calves calves: grassPurchased from productMarket in large groupsV. Feedlot / Finishing PhaseCattle: 750 – 900# Feed high protein Slaughtered at 1050-Grain- feed 100-200D 1350#Gain 3.5-4.5# per day about 16-30 mo. OldVI. Beef Production: Four SegmentsA. Purebred / SeedStock- Produce breeding stock (germ plasm)- Segment where genetic improvement is madeB. Cow / Calf Commercial  cross-breeding- Main purpose: produce calves for meat production- Birth to weaning (7-9 months)- Mainly forage basedC. Stocker / Backgrounders- Weaning to feeding (12-18 months)- Convert Forage or Roughage to muscle and bone- Want growth but not fatteningD. Feedlot / Finishing- End of stocking to slaughter (18-24 months)- Confinement and feed high energy diet (corn/soybean)- Main purpose: fatten cattle and improve meat qualityVII. Outline of Beef IndustryVIII. More DetailA. SeedStock / Purebred- 3-5% of US Beef Production- Requires most skill/knowledge- Labor intensive- Greatest value per animal- Small portion of herd sold as seedstock, remainder for slaughter- Major focus on genetic selection/improvement (EPDs)- Focus on reproduction, production, and carcass traitsCull Heifersand Steers- Elite: Determine direction of industry / product high valued bulls and cows- Multipliers: sell bulls / semen, spread germ plasm- Commercial: produce slaughter

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UGA ADSC 2010 - Four Segments of the Beef Industry

Type: Lecture Note
Pages: 4
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