UGA ADSC 2010 - Male Anatomy and Female Anatomy
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ADSC 2010 Lecture 24Outline of Last Lecture I. Gonads ContinuedA. EstrogenB. ProgesteroneC. RelaxinII. UterusA. ProstaglandinIII. Thyroid GlandA. Triodothyronine and Thyroxin IV. Adrenal GlandA. GlucocorticoidsB. MineralocorticoidsC. Adrenaline/NoradrenalineV. PancreasA. Insulin and GlucagonVI. The Estrous Cycle in CattleVII. ChartREPRODUCTION: MALE ANATOMYVIII. TestesA. Sperm productionB. Androgen productionIX. ScrotumOutline of Current Lecture I. EpididymisII. Vas Deferens or Ductus DeferensIII. UrethraIV. Accessory Sex GlandsA. Seminal VesicleB. Prostate GlandC. Bulbourethral or Cowper’s glandV. Penis**FEMALE ANATOMY**VI. OvaryVII. Oviduct or Fallopian TubeCurrent Lecture: I. Epididymis: Maturation, Storage, and concentration of sperm cellsA. Capot epididymis: head/fluid absorption occursB. Corpus epididymis: bodyC. Caudal epididymis: tail/sperm area concentrated and storedII. Vas Deferens or Ductus Deferens- Transport of sperm from caudal epididymis to urethra- Ampulla (absent in boar): slow boar ejaculation (5-8 minutes), enlarged portion of vas near urethra/accumulation of sperm prior to ejaculationIII. Urethra- Large muscular canal from bladder through penis - Seminal vesicle and prostate glands empty into the urethra near the junction of the bladder IV. Accessory Sex GlandsA. Seminal Vesicle: secretes fluid (citric acid, fructose, sorbitol) into urethra for the sperm – much larger in boar than other species - Boar: produces most ejaculateo More ova in sow needing fertilization than other speciesB. Prostate Gland: secretes fluid containing buffers and minerals- Small in the bull/absent in the ramC. Bulbourethral or Cowper’s gland: (large in boar)- Empties into urethra away from bladder. Secretes the “gel” fraction to semen that helps seal the cervixV. Penis: copulatory organ/ejaculation of seminal fluid/expulsion of urine- Bull, ram, and boar have fibroelastic peniso S shaped (sigmoid flexure) when released (folds)o Retractor penis muscles: reform s-shape following copulation- Stallion-erection through enlargement with blood/NO sigmoid flexure.VI. Ovary: two main function1. Ova production2. Estrogen and progesterone production- Mature follicle – end of cycle… estrogen- Corpus Luteum (CL)… progesterone VII. Oviduct or Fallopian Tube: transports the ova and sperm/ site of fertilization A. Fimbriae: fringe-like end that covers or partially covers ovary (thin membraneB. Infundibulum: funnel-shaped structure that connects to the ampullaC. Ampulla: fertilization occurs near ampulla: isthmus

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UGA ADSC 2010 - Male Anatomy and Female Anatomy

Type: Lecture Note
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