UGA ADSC 2010 - Finishing Nutrients
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ADSC 2010 Lecture 11Outline of Last Lecture I. NutrientsA. Six Classes of NutrientsII. WaterA. FunctionsB. Average Daily ConsumptionIII. CarbohydratesA. Classification of Carbohydratesa. Monosaccharaidesb. Disaccharidesc. PolysaccharidesB. Functions of CarbohydratesIV. Fats/LipidsA. ClassificationB. Types of Fatty AcidsC. Physical FormsD. Dietary Requirementsa. Essential Fatty Acidsb. Compounds Lipidsc. SterolsE. FunctionsV. ProteinsA. Amino AcidsB. Essential Amino AcidsC. Semi-Essential Amino AcidsD. Non-Essential Amino AcidsE. Dietary Crude ProteinNon-Protein Nitrogen (NPN)Outline of Current Lecture I. Value-DeterminantsII. VitaminsA. CategoriesB. RequirementsC. FunctionsIII. MineralsA. CategoriesB. FunctionsCurrent Lecture: Meats- Nutrients ContinuedI. Value Determinants- Japan loves high quality beef- Low end choice: grocery stores- Higher quality: High end store (Publix or Kroger)- High Quality meat sold to restaurants- USDA: official entity to place grade standard of carcass- **Beef is most involved in grading systemII. Vitamins: Large organic molecules needed in small amounts by animalsA. Categories1. Fat Soluble: A, D, E, & K2. Water Soluble: Vit. B & CB. Requirements1. Monogastrics: All2. Ruminants: Fat Soluble, except KC. Functions1. Metabolism: cofactors & coenzymes2. Absorption and Digestion: - Vitamin D – Ca/P absorption- Vitamin B – aids in protein digestion (NIACIN)- Vitamin A – important to maintaining body lining- Vitamin K – Blood clotting factor- Vitamin D – prevents “white muscle disease” Bone MetabolismIII. Minerals: chemical elements other than C, H, O & N needed for metabolismA. Categories1. Macro: Ca, P, Cl, Na, K, Mg, S2. Mircro (Trace): Cr, Co, I, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu (F, Mb, Se)B. Functions1. Structure: Bone Growth (Ca & P)2. Metabolism: Cofactor & Coenzyme (Zn), Energy storage (P)3. Fluid Balance (acid/base): Osmotic Pressure (Na, K, Cl)4. Part of Other Compounds: - Cobalt: Vitamin B12- Idoine: Thyroid Fxn- Iron: Hemoglobin, Myoglobin5. Nerve & Muscle Function: Ca, Mg, Cl, Na,

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UGA ADSC 2010 - Finishing Nutrients

Type: Lecture Note
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