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Notebook Week 9 – Post-labName: Lily HewittDate: 03/29/2022Lab Section #11PRE-LAB (from previous assignment)1. Title: Plaque Assay2. Purpose/Objective: To figure out if I found phage from my soil enrichment3. Materials: Set of micropipettes, micropipette tips, the phage lysate, CaCl2 stock tube, L-agar plate, red cap tube with .5ml M. foliorum, red cap tube with 4.5 ml top agar4. Procedure: Add at least 50 ul of your phage lysate to the red cap tube with M. foliorum and allow to incubate for at least 10 minutes. Then add CaCl2 to a tube with Top Agar. Next pour the top agar with CaCl2 into the phage lysate mixture and mix well. Then I will pour the whole mixture onto the L-Agar plate and let solidify to sit in the 30 degrees Celsius incubatorfor at least 24 hours.DURING LAB EXPERIMENTS (Bring prompts to lab and take notes on this section during lab)5. Changes to Procedure (IF ANY): 6. Future Directions/Decision Tree: We did a streak plate using someone else’s plaqueREFLECTIONS (Reflection about learning, can be on any topic)7. Describe your most significant learning experience so far this week. In your writing, include specifically: (a) What you learned; and (b) a description of the experience that helped you learn it.I finally learned how to do a streak plate, so I learned how delicate you have to be and how easy it is too, this helps because maybe I will be able to streak if I found phage 8. For the learning experience you described in Question 8, please answer the following two questions: (a) what emotions did you have; and (b) how did they impact your learning (before the event, during the event, after the event)? I am kind of over this lab right now because it has been weeks and I still haven’t found phage despite doing 5 trials. It would be funny if I found phage from my 6th try, but I don’t expect it.However, the upside is that I’ve mastered this lab because I have had to re do it so many times, therefore I feel like a I have a good amount of experience to apply to future labs.9. As you think about the learning experience in Question 8, please answer the following questions: (a) what worked; (b) what didn't; and (c) what will you do in future learning to use what you learned from this experience? Once again since I have had to try this lab over and over again, I don’t know what is not working for me at this point. It could be the dirt or some error I’m making but I’m not sure. Inthe future I will just take in account how labs don’t work half of the time and require you to redo them. POST-LABORATORY (Can start during that week’s lab and complete the following week ortwo)10. Results: I did not find phage from my 5th soil sample11. Discussion: I did another soil enrichment and a streak test for next weeks post

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WSU BIOLOGY 107 - Notebook Week 9 - Post-lab

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