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Acceptable Paraphrase—Not PlagiarizedBiology 107 Plagiarism Worksheet Due Week of Lab 6, 2022 Due Week of Lab 6, 2022 1 Answer the questions on pages 2 and 3 and turn in this assignment to your TA to receive points on your Lab Report First Draft. Recognizing Plagiarism: The following section illustrates common forms of plagiarism and models an acceptable way of paraphrasing. The Original Source “Some environmental extremists bewail the use of genetic modification that allows crops to be herbicide resistant, or others that allow plants to produce their own insecticide. Among other charges, they suggest that herbicide resistance might be passed to wild relatives of the crops, and that insecticide-producing plants will decimate insect life and decrease biodiversity.” [Norman Borlaug, “We Need Biotech to Feed the World,” Wall Street Journal, December 6, 2000] Forms of Plagiarism--Examples 1. Using author’s language without quotation marks (noticeable words or phrases) Norman Borlaug (2000) says that environmentalists bewail using GM crops that resist herbicides or insects. Insect life will be decimated and biodiversity decreased, they claim, and the genes might be passed to the crops’ wild relatives (Borlaug 2000). 2. Using author’s structure (substituting synonyms for words) Some anti-biotech activists are unhappy about transgenes that provide herbicide resistance or plant-made insecticide (Borlaug 2000). The activists, says Borlaug, claim resistance can transfer to plants related to GM crops, and that those that make insecticides might wipe out insects and diminish biodiversity. 3. Using author’s ideas without clear attribution (e.g., citing only at end of paragraph) Genetically modified crops trouble some environmentalists. Those that are resistant to herbicides might transfer that capacity to their weedy relatives. Those that make insecticides might destroy insects indiscriminately, reducing the gene pool in populations or even eliminating species (Borlaug 2000). 4. Mentioning author’s name but not citing Norman Borlaug writes that some people believe GM crops can harm the environment by transferring herbicide resistance to weeds or destroying non-target insects. Acceptable Paraphrase—Not Plagiarized Borlaug (2000) writes that environmentalists “bewail” using genetic engineering to produce crops that are not harmed by herbicides or that make compounds toxic to insects. He says that these “extremists” claim such crops can transfer their genes to weeds or “decimate insect life and decrease biodiversity.”Biology 107 Plagiarism Worksheet Due Week of Lab 6, 2022 Due Week of Lab 6, 2022 2 The following are examples of student plagiarism Note that you will be turning in this section. Failure to include this component with the first submission of the Introduction and References will result in zero points for the assignment. Instructions: For the following examples: a) underline identical words or phrases b) indicate the type of plagiarism that is being illustrated and c) provide your own alternative acceptable paraphrasing. 1) From student’s paper: A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to divide for infinite periods of time (Stem Cells 2001). From source: A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to divide (self replicate) for indefinite periods…. - Using author’s exact words and phrase with no quotation marks According to research, stem cells can self-replicate for boundless intervals of time (Stem Cells 2001). 2) From student’s paper: …stem cells are able to develop into mature cells that have the same characteristics, shapes and specialized functions, like heart cells, nerve cells, or skin cells (Stem Cells 2001) From source: …stem cells have the potential to develop into mature cells that have characteristic shapes and specialized functions, such as heart cells, skin cells, or nerve cells. - Student used similar words and phrases, just substituted some words for synonyms, however student did cite it, but without using quotations. Used authors structure as well. Heart, nerve, and skin cells are all examples of “mature” cells with distinctive traits, such as shape and function. It has been shown that stem cells are capable of mimicking these developed cells with these certain attributes (Stem Cells 2001). 3) From student’s paper: Stem cells can be found in the bone marrow of the breastbone, skull, hips, ribs and spine, but there is only about one stem cell in 100,000 blood cells (Information Guide 2000).Biology 107 Plagiarism Worksheet Due Week of Lab 6, 2022 Due Week of Lab 6, 2022 3 From source: In the bone marrow, there is approximately 1 stem cell in every 100,000 blood cells. The bone marrow in the breast bone, skull, hips, ribs, and spine contains the stem cells. - Used exact wording and phrasing without quotations. Explained information incorrectly There are many places stem cells can be discovered in bone marrow such as in the skull, hips, ribs, spine and breastbone. However, it is important to notice that in every 100,000 blood cells only one stem cell is found (Information Guide 2000). 4) From student’s paper: Aphaeresis is a procedure when a patient is attached to a machine in both arms, via a catheter, blood is taken from one arm, ran through the machine to separate the blood from the stem cells and then the blood is returned to the other arm (Stem Cells 2001). From source (the source was cited incorrectly; the actual source was Information Guide): The patient is connected to a cell separation machine via a needle in each arm. Blood is taken from one arm, circulated through the machine to remove the stem cells, and the remaining blood cells are returned to the patient through the other arm. - Cited wrong and there are words and phrases not in the source. Certain phrases are exactly the same form the source To procedure to remove stem cells from a patient is quite easy. The patient will have a needle in each arm attached to the cell separation machine to gather blood from arm. The cell separation machine will take that blood and process out the stems cells, while the rest of the blood cells will go back to the other arm attached to the machine (Information Guide 2000). 5) From student’s paper: This procedure could take several sessions, with each session lasting up to six hours, to harvest enough stem cells for transplantation. From source: Several

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