UMass Amherst NUTRITN 130 - Food Environment and Brown Fat (2 pages)

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Food Environment and Brown Fat

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Food Environment and Brown Fat


We talked about the food environment and how that affects the food we eat and how lack of brown fat influences obesity.

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Nutritn 130 - Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle
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Nutrition 130 1st Edition Lecture 29 Learning Outcomes Know what is considered a healthy BMI range and understand its relevance to health Be able to identify the specific health outcomes associated with visceral fat and sitting waist measurement Be able to identify the benefits of sustained moderate weight loss Be able to identify the factors that contribute to BMR and how to modify them Understand the factors that contributes to weight gain and obesity Be able to calculate weight loss for specific calorie deficits Be able to identify the components of mindless and mindful intuitive eating Causes of Obesity Food environment o Government policies make these foods inexpensive Corn corn oil high fructose corn syrup meat beef chicken pork Soy beans oil Wheat grain products Subsidies increase production even lower prices Foods that receive minimal no subsidies Fruits and vegetables Legumes other than soybeans Review Questions Avg Kcal intake in US has risen by Kcal Name the three crops which are heavily subsidized by the government What percent of Kcal are made up by snack foods in the American diet Eating whole grain foods increases Kcal expenditure of digestion by how much These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Whole vs Refined Grains 2x calories to digest Genetics and weight gain 1000 Kcal 84 days o Mean 18 lbs weight gain o Range 9 29 lbs o Calculated gain 26 lbs Causes of Obesity Lack of Brown Fat o The brown fat is very metabolically active and uses energy o Produces heat by burning calories o Found in larger amounts in babies and normal weight people People differ in how easily their fat cells release stored fat o Adipose Cell o Ex Go on a cruise gained a couple weight after a few days you don t eat so much b c you suppressed your appetite and have a few extra fat cells and then it goes back to normal Appetite Homeostasis Leptin o She showed a picture of two mice o w o leptin the mouse weight 3x as normal Doesn t have the hormone that tells them their full o w it lost weight o In obesity the leptin made by overwhelmed ER does not function properly and person becomes leptin resistant

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