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Arts 149 - Art History Survey I
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ARTS 149 1st Ediition Lecture 35 Introduction to Romanesque Period Feudalism o Kings o Vassals Lords Duke or Barons o Knights o Serfs peasants servants o Feud or fief leased land for peasants to live on in exchange for labor Impacts of Crusads o Pilgrimages increased power and prestige of towns o Created a wealthy merchant class o Independence of cities from Barons o Exposure from Byzantine and Islamic art and architecture o Inspired religious fervor that led to building programs SanitSernin o Toulouse France o Romaneqsue o Has a nave transcept ambulatory apse and radiating chapels o Architecture Basic arch Barrel vault seen in nave Groin vault seen in aisles Cathedral of St James o Santiago de Compostela Galicia Spain o A pilgrimage church o Romanesque Abbey Church of Notre Dame o Fontenay France o Romanesque o Cistercian Order o Nave a barrel vault o Was a walkway around cloister The cloister was there monks and nuns spent most of their free time reading or praying These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Like a garden Saint Ambrogio o Milan Italy o Romanesque o The interior also includes ribbed groin vault o Make sure to know the difference between ribbed groin vault and a plain groin vault San Miniato al Monte o Florence Italy o Romanesque Cathedral of Virgin Marry o Pisa Italy o Romanesque o It is located between leaning tower Campanile bell tower and bapistery St Etienne o Caen France o Romanesque o Contains ribbed vault six part vault and a trhee part tacade

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