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The Cold War

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The Cold War


Post-war troubles ensue after WWII. More conflict arises in Western Europe.

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Hist 2112 - AMER HIS SNC 1865

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HIST 2112 1ST Edition Lecture 19 Outline of Last Lecture I D Day II Battle of the Bulge Nov Dec 1944 III IV V VI February 1945 Concessions to Stalin in Eastern Europe May 7 1945 Potsdam July August 1945 Atomic Bomb Outline of Current Lecture VII Iron Curtain Churchill 1946 Speech VIII 1947 Greek Crisis IX X XI XII XIII 1948 Marshall Plan Division of Germany 1949 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization Fall of China Korea is Divided Current Lecture The Cold War Iron Curtain Churchill 1946 Speech Countries were becoming war weary four years at war Soviet Union gained buffer states in Eastern Europe Soviet has built themselves an Iron Curtain Churchill used the phrase iron curtain to describe the ideological divide growing between the Soviet Union and the Western powers These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Concern with Soviets trying to take over all of Europe didn t want another case of Hitler and World War 1947 Greek Crisis Containment George Kennan s writings inspired the Truman Doctrine and the U S foreign policy of containing the Soviet Union Soviet Union was trying to take over Greece The United States would not withdraw back to the Western Hemisphere as it had after World War I From then on the U S actively engaged any communist threats anywhere in the globe under the ostensible causes of freedom democracy and human rights The U S brandished its role as the leader of the free world Meanwhile the Soviet Union brandished its position as the leader of the progressive and antiimperialist camp Communist ideals would continue to spread until met with a force US needed to adopt a policy of containment to contain communist expansion Truman Doctrine Massive aid directly to Greek government US promised to assist all states in subverting communist invasion or ideals US still has the upper hand with A bomb However people in poverty were still likely to adopt

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