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Nonverbal Communcation

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Nonverbal Communcation


In this lecture we covered the chapter about nonverbal communication and had a guest speaker that informed us about the Information Science and Technology major.

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University of Tennessee
Cci 150 - Communication/Information Age

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CCI 150 1st Edition Lecture 8 Outline of Last Lecture I Culture and Communication Cont II Verbal Communication Outline of Current Lecture I Non verbal Communication II Guest Speaker Dr McClanahan Current Lecture I Non verbal Communication 1 Everyone has been doing non verbal communication forever but the public first became aware of it in 1960 Kennedy Nixon debate was the first ever televised for presidential election 2 Nonverbal communication Terms Appearance Face eyes kinesics tell a story in your movements The way you move sends messages tactile send messages through touch proxemics study of space and difference and paralanguage vocal qualities other than words Pitch of your voice accent how quickly you speak 3 Integrating nonverbal and verbal messages you can do this through accents emphasizing and complementing your words You can do it by using your nonverbal language in a contradicting way to your actual words You will also use your nonverbal as a substitute for your verbal words 4 Appearance we tend to notice height weight race and general attractiveness It s just hard wired in us 5 Eye communication gaze duration of eye contact Direction of eye contact wideness or narrowness of eyes Some of the functions of eye contact are seeking feedback opening communication catch someone s eye signaling nature of relationship and lessening physical distance There are also functions of eye avoidance to help others maintain privacy signal lack of interest block unpleasant stimuli enhance other senses We also communicate through pupil These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute dilations you don t really have control over it dilated pupils are found to be more attractive pupil levels rise to show emotional arousal 6 Space communication Proxemics Spatial distances Intimate 0 18 in Personal 18 in4 feet Social 4 feet 12 feet Public 12 feet 25 feet There are influences

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