UT Knoxville CCI 150 - Advertising Continued (2 pages)

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Advertising Continued

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Advertising Continued


In this lecture we finished up learning about an overview of the advertising industry.

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University of Tennessee
Cci 150 - Communication/Information Age
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CCI 150 1st Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Public Relations Continued II Advertising Outline of Current Lecture I Advertising Continued Current Lecture I Advertising Continued 1 Rate Card Gives information about the paper such as demographics of their audience and how large it is And then it tells you how much it would cost to advertise in the paper based on how large your advertisement is and things like that 2 Traditional Agency Pay Advertiser pays agency 100 percent of cost of running ads Medium charges agency 85 percent of the cost of running the ads discounted Agency pockets the difference making its services essentially free for the advertiser There will be an exam question on traditional agency pay 3 Newer Formulas Fee Based like you d pay an attorney Performance based etc 4 Agency Jobs Creative Liaison Account rep Buying media Research 5 Terms to Know CPM cost per thousand you want a low CPM because that means it is cost effective but that only matters if it is reaching your target audience PSA public service announcement an ad that runs for free that runs for a nonprofit group A television station might run an ad for free because it shows that they are operating in the public s interest AND more importantly these PSA s usually run in the unsold advertising slights Ad Council a non profit that does PSAs to help other non profits 6 Memorable Successful Ads Ads can be clever fun memorable but an ad is effective only if it sells a product 7 Challenge Advertising Clutter We ve gotten good at tuning out ads Techniques to combat clutter These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Viral Advertising Product placement Google ads and advertiser links on search screens for other sites Stealth ads Infomercials and zines advertising magazine 8 Challenge Choice Especially when we watch tv we avoid ads by zipping zapping and flushing We like to choose what we watch 9 Challenge Demassification We have an incredible array of media choices as consumers This makes it hard to reach some consumers This makes it hard to get enough exposure repetition to make an ad memorable To combat this problem advertisers try to narrowly focus messages to specific audiences which is also a benefit 10 Foundations of Advertising Research what do we need to know primary v secondary Objectives what do we want to accomplish Objectives are stated as task target audience time frame and amount of change Strategy how will we meet our goals appeals include rational acute need routine ego social and sensory positioning includes features benefits users competitors

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