UT Knoxville CCI 150 - Final Exam Study Guide (28 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


This is a study guide for the entire cumulative final. It seems rather large but it is a complete summary of every lecture given throughout the entire semester.

Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Cci 150 - Communication/Information Age
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CCI 150 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lecture 1 August 26 Media Are Pervasive Media is actually the plural form of medium So it is correct to say that Media are And medium is That is an important distinction to make media are pervasive This means that media spreads widely throughout everything How would our understanding of world events change if we suddenly could not 1 Hear them 2 See them 3 Know about them instantly Drastically Information and Entertainment We expect to be both informed and entertained People used different media for different purposes The two information and entertainment often get blended forming Infotainment Ex Kim Kardashian s Wedding We also expect media to try and persuade us especially applied media such as advertising and public relations Primary Mass Media There are three forms of primary mass media 1 Print books magazines and newspapers These are defined by binding regularity of being published and timeliness 2 Electronic Radio television and internet These are a mostly 20 th century development so still relatively new They reach to where you are so they are extremely convenient 3 Chemical Primarily Film the movies The film has to be ran through a chemical soup however we are moving more toward digital electronic form quickly This method is becoming almost obsolete Lecture 2 August 28 Four different ways that media makes money 1 Advertising This is the biggest way that media makes most of their money Media as we know it exists because of advertising When a medium sells advertising it is really selling YOU The advertiser is really buying access to you through advertising in the media 2 Subscription circulation revenue circulation revenue is what the AUIDENCE pays Subscription and news stand sales are examples Cable and satellite fees are also examples This way defrays costs but doesn t pay the bills most of the time 3 Audience Donations Some media offer special content that the audience is willing to pay for For example PBS Sesame Street NPR National Public Radio and the rare local station WDVX East Tennessee s own 4 Private support Making money may not matter if your business has a private sponsor The Christian Science Monitor newspaper is owned by the Christian Science Church Big corporations often sponsor NPR and PBS which can t accept advertising Our own WUTK is sponsored Major Media Trend 1 Demassification very important term Moving away from the old mass media and moving toward fragmented audiences This gives the audience more choice and also gives the advertisers more choices about who to advertise to 2 Proliferation of media goes with the trend of demassification 3 Targeted Media goes with this trend as well This leads to there being something for everyone and allows the advertiser to match what they are selling with certain audiences Advertisers like this trend if they are selling something very specialized And since this had led to smaller audiences it allows the advertisers to advertise for less money Economic Imperative Many of media s decisions are based on this economic imperative This economic imperative leads to populist content winning out over elitist content Consolidation There is a trend of the bigger companies buying out the smaller companies Convergence The coming together of different types of media Examples Newspaper in print and on the web Human Communication 1 Nonmediated communication communication without the use of any form of media 2 Communication Research Commination scholars are always learning more Public Speaking has developed assessments of speaking confidence for students We have learned that previous thoughts were wrong For example we have misunderstood some body language Lecture 3 September 2 Dr Sam Swan the director of studying abroad in the College of Communication 1 He took people to Prague this summer 2 He believes that to fully make yourself a well rounded person you should study abroad before you graduate To make you ready for the world 3 There are exchange programs faculty led programs and direct programs There are 8 types of human communication you should be familiar with Intrapersonal mean within like intramural sports within the university Sometime a prelude to what we say sometimes not talking within yourself practicing what you re going to say in your head We all do this Everyone talks thinks to oneself Interpersonal One to one or very small groups communicating Can be in person or electronically This type of communication is usually continuing and interdependent on someone responding to you Not always pleasant Interviewing Q A You are trying to learn what others know Usually found in a job situation Or working with clients Talking to someone to get information Also done in news reporting situations Small group usually 5 to 10 people Size of the group can affect efficiency It usually fulfills task needs Planning a program etc Fulfills relationship needs planning to meet up with friends from home This can also be electronic facebook group Organizational among members of an organization Can be work related Can be volunteer related Usually task oriented Can be formal on the job or informal getting together to go do a 5k Public Speaking Speaker to audience Can be a large or small audience Not as much opportunity for feedback Can be electronic listening to the State of the Union on TV Computer Mediated A contemporary phenomenon Email blogs IM chat room website twitter etc See the table in the chapter for more examples Mass Communication through a medium Least opportunity for feedback Time delay for feedback if it even reaches the person There are 2 coding systems you should know 1 Verbal Actually speaking to communicate 2 Nonverbal Studied only for about 35 years Popularly known as body language but there is much more to it than that No words are necessary to send a clear message There are 4 ways context influences communication 1 Temporal communicating within a certain amount of time or timeframe Ex Not being a morning person so you don t want to speak Temporal context has affected your communication Ex finding an old joke offensive when another generation wouldn t ie sexist racist etc 2 Physical Where are you physically when you communicate Ex communication at a church service vs a football game 3 Social Psychological How you would communicate with your co worker about how you dislike your job vs how you would communicate with your boss Your relationship with who you are communicating with will

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