UT Knoxville CCI 150 - Final Exam Study Guide (28 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


This is a study guide for the entire cumulative final. It seems rather large but it is a complete summary of every lecture given throughout the entire semester.

Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Cci 150 - Communication/Information Age

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CCI 150 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lecture 1 August 26 Media Are Pervasive Media is actually the plural form of medium So it is correct to say that Media are And medium is That is an important distinction to make media are pervasive This means that media spreads widely throughout everything How would our understanding of world events change if we suddenly could not 1 Hear them 2 See them 3 Know about them instantly Drastically Information and Entertainment We expect to be both informed and entertained People used different media for different purposes The two information and entertainment often get blended forming Infotainment Ex Kim Kardashian s Wedding We also expect media to try and persuade us especially applied media such as advertising and public relations Primary Mass Media There are three forms of primary mass media 1 Print books magazines and newspapers These are defined by binding regularity of being published and timeliness 2 Electronic Radio television and internet These are a mostly 20 th century development so still relatively new They reach to where you are so they are extremely convenient 3 Chemical Primarily Film the movies The film has to be ran through a chemical soup however we are moving more toward digital electronic form quickly This method is becoming almost obsolete Lecture 2 August 28 Four different ways that media makes money 1 Advertising This is the biggest way that media makes most of their money Media as we know it exists because of advertising When a medium sells advertising it is really selling YOU The advertiser is really buying access to you through advertising in the media 2 Subscription circulation revenue circulation revenue is what the AUIDENCE pays Subscription and news stand sales are examples Cable and satellite fees are also examples This way defrays costs but doesn t pay the bills most of the time 3 Audience Donations Some media offer special content that the audience is willing to pay for For example PBS Sesame

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