UT Knoxville CCI 150 - Public Relations Continued and Advertising (3 pages)

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Public Relations Continued and Advertising

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Public Relations Continued and Advertising


In this lecture we finished up learning about the field of public relations and began learning about the field of advertising.

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Cci 150 - Communication/Information Age
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CCI 150 1st Edition Lecture 21 Outline of Last Lecture I Research continued II Public Relations Outline of Current Lecture I Public Relations Continued II Advertising Current Lecture I Public Relations Continued 1 PR vs Other Professions Journalism Main component is writing Doesn t required managerial skills Provides Objective information Communicates with a mass audience Uses a single channel to communicate that of the journalist s employers Marketing Make money for the organization Build marketers for goods and services Persuasive in nature Customer based communication and external markets Often limits PR to product publicity and promotion Advertising Uses paid space time in the media Guaranteed placement Selling goods and services Specifically to external audiences Exclusively mass mediated Can be a part of PR 2 Case Study These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Textbook case of good PR Circa 1982 it was poison Tylenol is a brand you still use this is why they basically took responsibility for the problem and apologized and acknowledged that they messed up They took it off the shelves and then reintroduced it a few months later 3 History of PR Ivy Lee changed the image of Robber Barons Went from The public be damned to real people Believed in openness transparency Created concepts we still use today Edward Bernays Nephew to Sigmund Freud Used research and planning Father of modern PR Worked for Procter Gamble and began a campaign and where people used Ivory soap to make sculptures Cleanliness is next to Godliness 4 The PR profession today There are three settings in which you would work in PR Public Paid for by tax payer dollars PR at a UT for local mayors for schools for governors etc Private Paid for private business dollars Non Profit They get their money from donations or grants Cancer society etc 5 Skills and Tactics You ll study PR planning case studies capstone class of campaigns the class must actually help a real life client business and journalism Tactics any communication method used in PR Can be oral meetings speeches etc Can be electronic video audio websites Can be written pamphlets fliers annual reports magazines news releases fact sheets etc II Advertising 1 Definition Use of mass media to persuade an audience to choose a particular good or service Is mass mediated Can be informative usually persuasive 2 Why is there so much advertising Advertising is relatively cheap method of selling It works and we re the proof 3 When the Aflac duck came around it really changed things for this company They had a 50 year history yet few people know about Aflac before the duck Sales increased by 20 percent Consumer awareness shot to 90 percent McDonalds spends 15 times more on ads but Ronald has lower Q score More people recognize the Aflac duck than the energizer bunny 4 Branding is a time honored way to sell a product or service It stated with recognizable packaging We all make buying decisions based on brand recondition Quaker oats was one of the first successful brands that became recognizable 5 Advertising is important because it provides millions of jobs informs consumers keeps the economy going and it keeps mass media viable 6 Who pays for all of this Advertisers pay for their ads based on size length placement where and how much and Audience size type

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