TAMU HIST 105 - The Agony of Reconstruction (4 pages)

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The Agony of Reconstruction

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The Agony of Reconstruction


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Hist 105 - History Of The U S
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HIST 105 1nd Edition Lecture 37 I II III IV V VI I II III IV V VI Outline of previous lecture Election of 1864 Lincoln inaugural address Constitutional Amendments a 13 b 14 c 15 Reconstruction Republican power Agriculture Outline of current lecture Reconstruction Redemption Black codes Suffrage Education Compromise 1877 Current lecture Top priorities for freed Africans Land Education National government These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Executive Legislative Presidential Reconstruction Andrew Johnson Dem Property ownership restored Generally lenient Radicals move to impeach Radical Reconstruction refused to seat southerners Civil rights bill of 1866 Extended Freedmen s Bureau 5 military districts o with union troops keeping eye on the south some are black union troops Bureau of Refugees Freedmen and Abandoned Lands Under funded and understaffed Negotiated labor contracts Established schools Provided judicial services W E B Du Bois on the Freedmen s Bureau foredoomed to failure successful beyond the dreams of thoughtful men Redemption restoration of white control Violence militias KKK Shift of control from Republicans to Democrats Black Codes Protection of rights State and local challenges to federal authority Firearms Alcohol Curfew Congregating Vagrancy Transportation Southern Courts No black testimony Whites acquitted of violence Blacks sentenced to compulsory labor Suffrage The 15th amendment helped secure the black male vote for Republicans o Women still do not have right to vote No gains for women Black Self Help Land ownership Churches Ministers political and religious leaders Schools opportunity to get education Education American Missionary Association Local schools Howard Fisk Morehouse etc Post War Gender Issues Southern myth of white women survived Black women went to work Black men denied political voice o Cant vote Reconstruction s Demise Whites controlled land and labor Compromise of 1877 Compromise of 1877 Rutherford B Hayes R in White House Troop removal Federal support for railroads Local control of race relations Historians Consensus No economic base Race over class Political corruption Black office holders Historians Consensus Carpetbaggers Black families Black religious and social institutions Unresolved Race relations o North o South

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