TAMU HIST 105 - Sectional Crisis (4 pages)

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Sectional Crisis

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Sectional Crisis


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Hist 105 - History Of The U S
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HIST 105 1nd Edition Lecture 32 I II III I II III IV Outline of previous lecture Economics a Telegraph b Railroads Business Terms Political shift Outline of current lecture Kansas Nebraska Act Republican party Election 1856 Abraham Lincoln Current lecture Kansas Nebraska Act 1854 Sen Stephen A Douglas D IL o Railroad interest o OUT Missouri Compromise 1820 As their constitution may prescribe o Popular sovereignty Big Chucks Northern Democrats bolted A split Whig party was weakened o North These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o South Democratic party ensconced in south Republican party grew in North Ostend Manifesto Agreement o France Britain Spain and US o Ownership of Cuba Colony of Spain US would purchase of seize it o Cuba free in 1898 Expand Slavery Irish Catholics Democratic Party Low wage workers o Work in industrial sector Parochial schools Know Nothing Party target o American Party Legal name o Anti immigrants o Anti Catholics o Failed due to an intersectional party o Hinged on slaver Republican Party Nativist Protestants Opposition to parochial churches Slavery bigger issue that popery Free soil Kansas Immigration Sacking of Lawrence o Set buildings on fire etc John Brown at Pottawatomie Creek o German abolitionists Individual violence o Sen Charles Sumner o Sen Andrew Butler o Rep Preston Brooks Election of 1856 James Buchanan o Democrat o Pennsylvania o Scandals o No action on sectional crisis Dred Scott Decision 1857 Mr and Mrs Scott o From Missouri taken to Wisconsin where it is illegal to have a slave o They sued for their freedom o No rights of a citizen o MO Compromise unconstitutional The Missouri compromise cannot have slavery north of this line Argued with concept of ownership o Trip to Wisconsin did not alter Scotts status Mr and Mrs Scott are still slaves Lincoln Douglas Debates 1858 Illinois Senate race Abraham Lincoln cannot endure half slave and half free o Cannot have slavery in South but not the North Vice versa all one or all the other Separation of the races Colonization John Brown s Raid 1859 Civil war has not started yet Federal arsenal Harper s Ferry VA WV Hoped for slave insurrection Black Republican notion North and South A Cultural Divide 1860 Presidential Election Two democratic conventions Constitutional Union Party o Border states o Southern Whigs John Bell Constitutional Union Stephen A Douglas D North John C Breckinridge D South Abraham Lincoln R Won o Republican o 39 Wants the Union to be the Union

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