TAMU HIST 105 - The Age of Expansionism II (5 pages)

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The Age of Expansionism II

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The Age of Expansionism II


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HIST 105 1st Edition Lecture 31 I II III IV I II III Outline of Previous Lecture Trans Mississippi Texas Manifest Destiny Oregon Outline of Current Lecture Economics a Telegraph b Railroads Business Terms Political shift Current lecture Westward Economic Aspect Telegraph o Travel approx as fast as a human can speak o Before telegraph the fastest way was through a horse Expanding railroads o Competed with canals o Transported goods and people o Domestic and foreign capital Capital money to invest These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Stock and bond sales o Domestic steel industry Steel more useful bendable than iron Used for railroads o Local government secured bonds States will back it up o Public lands o North has most of the railroads Disadvantage to the south in the civil war Gold 1848 Young bachelors Instant commerce Consequences o Prostitution o Race based violence African Americans Chinese Native Americans o Environmental damage Business Terms Bond Debt Term Interest Principal returned Stock Ownership Assets Earnings Dividends Industrial Revolution Interchangeable parts o Eli Whitney Continuous process Machine tools Agricultural Advances Steel plow John Deere Threshing machine Cyrus McCormick Transportation Immigration Irish potato famine Germans Religious distinction Rural versus urban Conditions in cities Stephen A Douglas Democratic Illinois Expansionist foreign policy Economic development o States o Territories Solution to slavery compromise Sectional crisis Violence among Gentlemen Sen Charles Sumner R MA Sen Andrew Butler D SC Rep Preston Brooks D SC Precedence Northwest Ordinance 1787 No Slavery north of Ohio River Missouri Compromise 1820 Abolitionist position William Lloyd Garrison Condemned US Constitution o Did not handle the issue of slavery o The answer to slavery is to a higher power God Wilmot Proviso 1846 1848 Territory gained from Mexican War No slavery Free Soldiers Popular sovereignty People would decide on statehood issues Whig vs democrat 1848 Taylor vs Cass Whig elected Compromise of 1850 CA admitted free o Agriculture and gold New Mexico an Utah territorial governments o Local decision on slavery No slave trade in Washington DC Fugitive Slave Act o Reinforced o If a slave runs away the law says you must give the slave back to its rightful owner Reaction to Fugitive Slave Act Personal liberty laws o No use of state officials Underground railroad Uncle Tom s Cabin o 1852 o Harriet Beecher Stowe Political Shift Whigs vs Democrats previously North vs South shift

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