TAMU HIST 105 - The Age of Expansionism (4 pages)

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The Age of Expansionism

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The Age of Expansionism


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HIST 105 1nd Edition Lecture 30 Outline of previous lecture I Temperance II Abolitionists a William Lloyd garrison b Theodore Dwight Weld III Anti slavery IV Two party system Outline of current lecture I Trans Mississippi II Texas III Manifest Destiny IV Oregon Current Lecture Borderlands Trans Mississippi West American progress o Lead o wagon going westward o railroads Who moved west Farmers Prospectors Land speculators These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Want to turn land into a profit Merchants Professionals Evangelists o Tried to convert indigenous people Europeans in Trans Mississippi West Britain Canada Oregon Spain 1819 Adam Onis Treaty o Texas Spain o Florida US Mexico o Independence 1821 o Anglo settles in New Mexico o Anglo settlers in Texas Texas Mexico populates Texas o Land o Mexican citizenship o Catholicism By 1830 o 15 000 white Americans o 1 000 Slaves o 5 00 Tetanus Mexico outlawed o Slavery 1829 o Further American settlement 1830 1836 o Alamo o San Jacinto o Goliad o Lone Star Republic Manifest Destiny 1845 convention the believes that its destine for this nation to look a specific way o superiority of institutions culture o God given right Exceptionalism Sense of mission Texas Calls for annexation o Manifest destiny o Expansion of slavery 1845 Admitted to Union Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Mormons Persecuted in the East Founder Joseph Smith murdered Brigham Young Utah Plural marriage o More than one wife Church and state identity Prelude to War 1845 US troops on Mexican border Diplomacy John L Slidell o Rio Grande river for border o Purchase of New Mexico o Purchase of Upper California Failure War with Mexico 1846 President Polk Lincoln Show me the spot Halls of Montezuma o Montezuma leader of Mexico Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 Rio Grande border Southwest California 15 million to Mexico Oregon British Position o Declining fur trade o Industrialization in England Not as important to have fur industry o Less interest in North American colonies 1846 49th parallel Gadsden Purchase 1853 Mexican land Last US territory acquired Southern R R route to Pacific Wilmot Proviso David Wilmot D PA o Passed by the House 1846 and 1847 o Failed in Senate Senate is powerful among the southerners o Provision of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo o Failed again Provisions o Territory acquired from Mexico o Slavery prohibited

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