UGA ADPR 3100 - cost effectiveness and radio (4 pages)

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cost effectiveness and radio

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cost effectiveness and radio


how to determine cost effectiveness and analysis of radio ads

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Adpr 3100 - Principles of Advt
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ADPR 3100 1nd Edition Lecture 12 Outline of Previous Lecture I Newspaper strengths and limitations II Categories III Magazine strengths and limitations IV Rate Structure V Buying Outline of Current Lecture I Cost effectiveness II Print recap III Radio a AQH Current Lecture Overall cost effectiveness total cost of printspace per GRP o GRPs delivered by print Verification o Audit Bureau of Circulations Verifies circulation o Syndicated market research Readership studies Print o Advantages Trusted and influential boosts effectiveness These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Segmenting geographically lifestyle o Disadvantages Cost is high Clutter National large markets unreachable Radio o Reach doesn t really matter o Delivers great frequency o Cost efficient o Addresses narrow segments o Mobile o Supplemental medium o Advantages Segementing markets Can reach that market Mobile market proximity to purchase Flexible and immediate Good at responding easily adaptable Personal relationship o Disadvantages Audience Comparatively small per station Distracted other things on the audience s mind Lack of precise market research No visual lacks impact o Best uses Local retail o Buying Multi step process General choices Then specific decisions 1 choose platform AM vs FM o AM 20 of audience Older listeners demographic News talk nostalgia Sound quality ok Large signal area signal bends and reflects o FM 80 of audience Younger audience Music Superior sound better quality Smaller signal area signal line of sight 2 choose format o Format continuous show o Most popular radio formats Country 2 000 Adult contemporary 1 500 Talk 1 300 3 choose daypart o Determines reach and segment o Morning drive time 7 10am talk news o Midday 10am 3pm station format o Afternoon drive time 3 7pm talk news o Evenings 7 midnight station format o Overnight 12 6am station format 4 ratings o Pick

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