UGA ADPR 3100 - development of outdoor advertising (3 pages)

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development of outdoor advertising

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development of outdoor advertising


cost effectiveness and analyzing GRPs, emergence of outdoor advertising and what makes it effective/non effective

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ADPR 3100 1nd Edition Lecture 10 Outline of Previous Lecture I Media Planning II Reach III Frequency IV Scheduling Outline of Current Lecture I Cost effectiveness II Media Planning III Development of outdoor advertising IV GRP Current Lecture Cost effectiveness o Gross rating point GRP of market per GRP Media Planning o First choose kind then choose specific ones o Plan with creative Out of home o Emergence o Strengths limitations o Ratings buying o Buying and evaluating o Verification Development of outdoor o HOLLYWOOD sign o Bigger is better o Barnum and bailey is the father of advertising o Believed that before you sold a product you had to create a crowd o Goodyear blimp Blimps and airplanes were good for advertising but you had to look up These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute With the invention of the car people were looking in at the road o 1926 Burma Shave was the first OOH ad campaign that had multiple billboards that recited a poem o Nathan Goode s 1912 Corticelli spool silk Size matters when it comes to Times Square o 1920s neon came to the signs o 1930s Times Square sold sex instead of advertising destination for more than 20 million tourists a year Supplemental o Strong visual reinforces TV campaigns o Provides missing visual for radio campaigns o Higher frequency for magazine campaigns o Better graphics for newspaper campaigns Strengths o Pioneering stage build brand name recognition o Retentive stage reminds OOH Drawbacks o Exposure voluntary and brief o Viewers preoccupied o Few premium sites o Much criticized Buying OOH o Dailey effective circulation DEC o If lit 24 hr traffic count x 64 o if not lit 24 hr traffic count x 45 Buying OOH GRPs o Gross rating point Percentage Adult population Dailey exposure In single Local market o Example 50 GRPs deliver 50 market day o Allotments in sets of 50 to 100 GRPs Calculating GRP o Per allotment

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