UGA ADPR 3100 - Ethical Issues (6 pages)

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Ethical Issues

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Ethical Issues


the differences between legal and ethical issues and legal and ethical responsibilities moral myopia complex and examples of rationalizations advertising agencies use when faced with ethical decisions

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ADPR 3100 1nd Edition Lecture 27 Outline of Previous Lecture I Legal environment laws and regulations of Adversiting II Advertising defined as commercial speech III First amendment rights IV FTC V Deception vs puffery Outline of Current Lecture I Examples of legal and ethical issues II What are ethical issues III Legal issues vs ethical issues IV moral myopia Current Lecture Examples o Walgreens pharmacies o Claimed its store brand boosted immunity system Snapchat claims User photos disappear forever after a few seconds Will notify if someone takes a screenshot of a photo to keep it Only gathers a minimal amount of info about each user These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Deceptive claims Banned from making these claims FDC Required to start a privacy program to be monitored for 20 years by a third party company Legal environment o First amendment trend toward greater freedom for companies in corporate speech o Regulations in industry self interest o Laws reg concerned only with truthfulness o What about pressures Ethical issues o From legal issues to ethical issues o Examples of ethical dilemmas o Ethics in the workplace Moral myopia Moral muteness Active ethics Legal vs ethical o o Legal responsibilities Don t lie Issues of deception involve demonstrable provable lies Ethical responsibilities truth only part of advertising s power Evoke feeling Issues of manipulation Moral conduct Pressures Not what can we get away with what is the right things to do Ethical dilemmas Advertising in schools o o o Pressures on school administrator Decreasing funding makes it hard to say no approved by perceived authority Forms Signage on sports fields Exclusive product contracts coca cola sole provider of soft drinks on campus Lesson plans m ms math lessons Channel One Lend satellite dish VCRs and TV sets Must show 12 min newscast 2min advertising everyday Is it okay

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