UGA ADPR 3100 - intro to advertising (3 pages)

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intro to advertising

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intro to advertising


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Adpr 3100 - Principles of Advt
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ADPR 3100 1nd Edition Lecture 1 Outline of Current Lecture I Advertising Medieval to Modern Era II Types of Advertising a Rhetoric b Visual advertising c Narrative advertising Current Lecture Advertising Medieval to Modern o Changes o Continuities Astrology Images and stories in Advertising o Modern invention o Reuses ancient ways of picturing the world and telling stories Rhetoric o The study of techniques by which speakers connect themselves with audiences how to speak with diction and tone to maintain interest o Applied to advertising techniques that ads use to connect us to products aka engagement o Visual rhetoric how something looks narrative how the story is told Visual Allegory o Symbols that reveal the nature of the world o ARHI o Ex Red Black rep UGA o Ex cupid love and romance playful and unpredictable like love o Ex Zephyr and Aura blowing Venus to land so 1 of the 3 Graces is going to cloak her when she gets to land irrational and impulsive o Ex Evian ad with black cupid you think the water is pure These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Ex Land Rover For all terrains 2 figures fighting over the car nature vs civilization the car can go either way which is why both are fighting over it o Present basic truths about the world Visual Mimesis o Images as windows on the world o Optics Converging lines in a drawing when creating dimension in pieces o Perspective System Leonardo and why his piece looks realistic Horizontal line when the sky meets the ground Orthogonal converge at a vanishing point to show which angle you need to place things Observation not participation Creating realism o Mimesis in Ads Anything taken by a camera or video Ex Harley Davidson static ad Ex Dial video ad and Xbox Christmas ad for Target feels like a slice of life Honda CRV make the impossible possible with optical illusions Reality is true Visual A Show o Music dance

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