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Expanding the Agency

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Expanding the Agency


ways the advertising agency is expanding to use outside resources to create ads with a new cheaper, integrated, and creative approach such as crowd-sourced advertising

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ADPR 3100 1nd Edition Lecture 28 Outline of Previous Lecture I Examples of legal and ethical issues II What are ethical issues III Legal issues vs ethical issues IV moral myopia Outline of Current Lecture I The expanding agency II Appealing to communities III Crowd sourced advertising IV Categories Current Lecture the current situation o producer led paradigm to consumer led paradigm manufacturing and design marketing styles of advertising o watch digital media more changes in advertising in agency structure the changes in the market are not just innovative content creative collaboration everyone can contribute fan communities and user productions o communities and identification These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute people feel so passionately about their brands sports teams clothes etc they re hardcore fans fan communities are basically the reason behind identities community the label of the act of making an identity a way for people to be wrapped up in the sense of themselves intimate part of who you are personal identity who am i group identity i identify with them its a social thing you identify by your community ex facebook groups fan community in social media let s break a guinness world record a million strong for stephen colbert i dont care how comfortable crocs are you look like a dumbass o early forms identities communities from a choice seem to be natural don t have a choice over membership family clan nationality race ethnicity religious converts identification partisans identification with political party or program modern fans people began to identify more with pop culture and become fans of different things middle class leisure time consumer culture and mass media sports fans baseball and football fans modern media fans silent film era valentino fans killed themselves when he died modern sponsored entry of advertising started to think they could profit off all of the fan communities since people were so crazy over them radio Tom Mix Ralston straight shooters targeted at kids show sponsored by Ralston purina write in for special comic books toys and novelties television mickey mouse club trekkies for star trek are an example frank sinatra had a huge fan base elvis also fans for the beatles michael jacksons death modern popular culture beatles fans talking about how they won t give up their tickets for anything o market finished ads agency categories o competition contest people send in finished ads and the advertiser chooses the best the winner typically gets some amount of money o collaboration unit not a contest doesn t pit user against user allows being in the user base to collaborate so people can build upon a share ideas rather than sit there and compete the client oversees this process and gives input on what they think the best decisions would be o working independently not an open collaboration pick the campaign you want to work on download creative brief and are given a time limit on when to have it done by also a cash prize o competition MOFILM made primarily for people that want to grab finished video ads also competition with time frame crowd sourced advertising o visitors and spoils power to brand power to the people o competitive participation o client judge o paid for results as well as for reputational score of community o giant hydra mass collaboration unit management team coordinates crowdsourced creative collaborate to develop ideas client oversees process chooses best o zooppa people powered brand energy worked independently compete for awards from client from staff o mofilm craft finished video ads helping aspiring filmmakers create videos for big brands and social causes competition client judges o relevance vs creativity relevance assured have members of your target market in the ad Doritos crash the super bowl contest much more limited resources and time than people working for an agency they don t have access to the same things predictable direction for them creatively speaking they have less opportunities because they don t have the same things as people working for agencies contests steers the ads in a very predictable direction more common ads mimesis story cute little story about people doing this and that really predictable single ads they re not trying to come up with a campaign just one ad o challenging the agency harnessing the work of fan communities doing a lot of creative work because it can be really powerful demand for greater cost effectiveness makes it cheaper because they re not actually doing the ads people are enabled by public digital network engagement of consumers

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