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Immersive Media

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Immersive Media


what is immersive media? what are the different forms of immersive media? examples

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ADPR 3100 1nd Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Previous Lecture I Organization of an ad II Montage a How are they used b variations Outline of Current Lecture III Immersive media IV Real places virtual places V Types a Displays b Games c Facial profiling d Pranks e events Current Lecture immersive media the creation of an environment real or visual o out of home websites combination o specific technology isn t as important as the environment o not really conveying a message o focuses on involvement exploration o interaction and experience is key experience the environment however you want able to explore the environment These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o social tie in usually reach is small social ties extend the reach o real places stove top stuffing mix key message satisfying cold provide by winter Warmth provided by us Heating lamp by ad in the bus stop Apotek hair care products Key message gives you healthy hair Pepsi max Key message tastes great Concept unbelievable VW Key message acting responsibly can be fun Piano stairs Facial profiling Software that works through cameras that can detect physical features gender age smiling or not and then dishes out content that would likely appeal to them personalized ads Honda interactive dream wall Games Nike Run to Start Challenge o Asics Run with Ryan Marathon runner Smart phone capabilities o Durex iPhone baby Doritos Snack Strong o Prepare to take snacking to the next level Involvement Austraila post postal video stamp Postage stamp with QR code Pranks LG flat screen televisions Feature sharp clear bright picture Concept so real it s scary Horror movie promotions Events Tmobile o Its network keeps you in touch o Flash mob o Not about info delievery but involvement User directed Can choose how to be involved and the extent Do things Exploration Connects products brand to everyday life Not to read and understand but to experience the message Creative toolbox o Media types Static Dynamic Immersive o Organizations Headline visual Pitch Story Montage o Techniques Visual metaphor Synergy Characters Plot Involvement exploration

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