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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


lecture notes #21-26, group presentation notes, and book notes from required readings

Study Guide
University of Georgia
Adpr 3100 - Principles of Advt
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ADPR 3100 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 21 36 Lecture Notes Montage o french word for real simple idea o stories dramatize action and pitch is reason why advertising o variations combined with a pitch voice over states general claim combining montages with pitch can sometimes be very effective can sometimes be boring this way you can t really get to know characters ex voiceover with ad running montage with unusual spokesperson fits in this category also an example is that really country guy that did all of the talking in the ad combined with a story defined characters sense of the people as characters and their lives snippets from different situations ex bear carpet is alive and is a director for a film for CANAL pedigree adoption drive commercial with people owning different weird animals like a rhino or ostrich ex Wicked Witch of the West and her best friend combination of montage and story you get better sense of the characters in this one you can see snippets of situations that the characters are going through you can build a backstory with this variation it doesn t mean that it has to be realistic ex bear rug directing commercial Wicked and her friend commercial solely images and music no story or defined characters music has key importance ex go moms P G commercial for Olympic athletes ex every dream dream big Dick s sporting goods commercial o sequences of images not a linear single story don t happen in a really uniform place it jumps a lot maybe to different people maybe to a different time linked by a shared theme express a creative concept of the campaign it s a very fluid way and intuitive way of organizing an ad pretty much the opposite of pitch not good for ads that have to be presented in a linear way pictures in a montage should all fit together should even be a tagline at the end of it that conveys a key message all related to each other through a thematic thread all related to the creative concept o fluid intuitive o tagline voiceover or the action at end pays off key message Immersive Media o environment thats created real or virtual video games o out of home OOH websites combination o involvement exploration o social tie in o not there to create a message o real places facial profiling ex facial profiling honda dream wall at car show o real places games nike run to start turned London into a game board and people would race around the city with each other challenge keep up with a marathon runner project on wall asics run with Ryan you could race against a famous runner o virtual places games smart phone mobile baby for durex o virtual places games Doritos snacking strong prepare to take snacking to a higher level What makes up a creative toolbox o media types static dynamic immersive o organizations headline visual pitch story montage o techniques visual metaphor synergy characters plot Involvement exploration Planning and Context o You have to plan o Single ad never seen in isolation o Need to be aware of the things that people see other than the ad o Campaign composed of many different ads that have to be similar having them different confuses audience weld all of them together by using visual verbal aural and attitudinal similarity creates a unified effort that speaks to your target market must have a clear relationship and be interesting o integrated marketing communications not an ad but a strategic plan connects all communication action all built around existing situation built around existing compelling story or situation public response and direct response are examples packaging possibly but it s the last thing that people see when making a purchase Legal environment laws and regulations o Advertising is a commercial form of speech not entirely protected by the first amendment Advertising can be regulated more than political or free speech because it promotes a commercial transaction Does not have to be spoken can be visual o central hudson four part test is used to decide whether a regulation on commercial speech is constitutional 1 is the message eligible for first amendment protection 2 is the governmental interest asserted in regulating the expression substantial 3 does the proposed regulation advance the regulatory interest 4 is the proposed regulation narrow enough if yes the regulation is constitutional o deception vs puffery deception is actionable tells lie lie likely to mislead a consumer acting reasonably if the consumer sees the ad is the ad likely to deceive them must be material claim about product has to be central thing about product puffery not actionable is a form of lying exaggeration or overstatement no one believe it anyway expressed in broad vague language not misperceptions or false representation of specific characteristics putting a disclaimer would still put it at risk legal responsibilities dont lie and everything will be fine legally speaking if the fact that you didn t lie satisfies the legal aspect it doesn t mean it satisfies the ethical aspect just because you did something legal doesn t make it ethical truth is only part of advertisings power stopped paying attention to words and paid attention to pictures emotions evoked it doesn t matter that you re delivering truthful information evoking a feeling is the powerful part ethics moral conduct pressures can be completely legal but not ethical moral myopia ICBAFNO rationalization can t recognize ethical dilemmas like muteness can can recognize ethical dilemma at an individual standpoint don t see the bigger picture even if i tried to put out an unethical ad no consumer would be dumb enough to believe it consumers are smart and won t be misled so they have nothing to worry about rationalization consumers are smart all we do is reflect society back to itself its society s problem not ours don t take responsibility rationalizing it that way passing the buck it s really hard to be unethical in this business we have to run everything by our lawyers what is legal is ethical they are not the same how could i develop a code of ethics from my agency it would go against the first amendment the first amendment misunderstanding 1st amendment is not an absolute right its limited by time place and manner reasons if i succeed my clients succeed too so it doesn t feel like stretching the truth is doing anything wrong going native agencies are identifying too closely with what clients want they re giving up their professional status and not giving them the best advice

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