UGA ADPR 3100 - producer vs consumer paradigm (3 pages)

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producer vs consumer paradigm

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producer vs consumer paradigm


differences between producer and consumer paradigms, focus on consumer paradigms

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ADPR 3100 1nd Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Previous Lecture I creative revolution II problems leading to creative revolution III consumer cynicism IV Bill Bernbach Outline of Current Lecture I Producer vs consumer paradigm II Hip consumerism III Sony Walkman IV Swatch Current Lecture Plate topper commercial Paradigms compared o Producer led Product Price Promotion Place o Consumer led Commodity way to create a consumer satisfaction Cost any investment in money or time that you need to get the product Communication two way dialogue way we talk back it s not just a one way delivery Convenience how many different ways are there to purchase this item o Producer led These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Market management Formulaic advertising reason why Accept consumer society Goal of fitting in social acceptance o Consumer led Consumer satisfaction Hip consumerism Reject consumer society Goal of standing out personal freedom o Design Compared Producer led design Company control Stress on functionality Consumer led Design Market control Stress on style Sony Walkman o Preference research not sufficient o Known options only o Turn to social trends and lifestyle research Demand for style meaning o Sport Walkman fits the personality of someone sporty o Little practical market need o Instead expresses a lifestyle so it was successful o Sporty outdoor healthy progress o Similar to other products o Ex SUV big comfortable and cool but you don t use it for what its intended for Swatch o Launched in 1983 o Response to o Invented a new product category Cheap digital watches Expensive brand name watches o Standardized to make inexpensive o Easily and infinitely restyled o New collection every 6 months Express niche lifestyle o Sports o Trend conscious o Design and technology o Conservative Hip Consumerism o Advertising in the consumer led paradigm o Buying things makes

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