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Population Genetics

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Population Genetics


Today, Dr. Constable started the population genetics unit by discussing basic terms, such as carrying capacity, immigration and emigration (three terms related to population change). Additionally, she introduced us to the Hardy-Weinburg equation and showed us a few examples in which we had to use the equation.

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BIOL 1107 1nd Edition Lecture 32 Outline of Last Lecture I II Crossing Over Prophase I Genetic Recombination and Mapping Genes Outline of Current Lecture I Population Change II Thomas Malthus Carrying Capacity III Passenger Pigeon Indigenous Birds Current Lecture I Population Change II What causes size of a population to change Births deaths o Immigration bring people in increases population o Emigration take people out decreases population Population snapshot o Population 1000 individuals o Birth rate 200 year o Death rate 100 year o Q How big will our population be in 2 years o A 200 1000 0 2 birth rate 100 1000 0 1 death rate r 0 20 0 1 0 1 1000 X 0 1 100 1100 people 1st year 1100 X 0 1 110 1210 people 2nd year this is an example of exponential growth positive r value high increase in population growth negative r value more deaths than births Thomas Malthus Carrying Capacity 1798 environment limiting growth of population Carrying capacity the maximum population size of the species that the environment can sustain indefinitely given the food habitat water and other necessities available in the environment These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute III Carrying capacity amout of environment left to sustain population o As population size gets closer to carrying capacity K N K decreases o Maximum growth occurs half of carrying capacity K o K carrying capacity o In the beginning we don t have enough size Q The intrinsic growth rate for a population per year is 25 How many individuals would be added to a population of 200 after 1 year if the carrying capacity of the environment is 1000 o A 200 X 8 10 160 o 1000 200 1000 800 1000 0 80 200 160 X 0 25 40 Passenger Pigeon one of the most numerous birds in the planet used to be drove this pigeon to extinction killed a lot of these pigeons for food Indigenous birds Irony Billed Woodpecker Carolina Parakeet Health Hen Wild Turkey Environment plays a big role in how populations grow What environmental feedback can regulate a population size Chimps population graph look on elc New

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