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High Renaissance

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High Renaissance


Starting to discuss the High Renaissance and some of its major contributors

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Arts 150 - Art History Survey Ii
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ARTS 150 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Lecture 6 Overview of Renaissance periods I Middle Renaissance a Masaccio Outline of Lecture 7 I II III 16th century art in Italy high renaissance Leonardo da Vinci Raphael Sanzio Current Lecture I II 16th century art in Italy high renaissance a 1490 s 1527 shift to Rome as the center b Popes try to increase power and influence a lot through art i Selling indulgences to raise money which causes rebellion in northern Europe Martin Luther c Artists go from being considered laborers to geniuses i Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo and Raphael ii d Culmination of developments i Walls fresco starting to favor oil otherwise Leonardo da Vinci i illegitimate child apprenticed to artist very well researched in many areas ii Much older than other artists was a military advisor etc iii Leonardo s notebooks writes backwards in his notebooks so that no one could steal his ideas iv Develops the technique of cross section studying world is studying god s design v Dissected cadavers around 30 vi Doesn t just want to know what things look like for art but to know vii Inventions early helicopters tanks flying machine hang glider viii Many people make it their life s work to recreate the things from his notebooks b Vitruvian Man 1490 i perfect proportions of man wingspan is same as head to feet and extended limbs create a circle s circumference his anatomy is incredibly convincing even in 2D c Virgin of the Rocks oil on wood i say Mary gave birth in a cave not a stable These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute ii Forms a triangular shape with the people that makes a stability but the characters have a motion and gesture iii Shows St John inclined toward Jesus angel pointing at St John Jesus blessing john Mary with arm around john and gesturing to Jesus iv Pool of water represents baptism Jesus is the water that washed away our sins

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