TAMU ARTS 150 - Modernism and Impressionism (3 pages)

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Modernism and Impressionism

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Modernism and Impressionism


Introduction of the beginnings of Impressionism, the pull away from Academic ideas

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Arts 150 - Art History Survey Ii
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ARTS 150 1st Edition Lecture 27 Outline of Lecture 26 I Photography II Anthropometry III Exhibitions Outline of Lecture 27 I Alexandre Cabanel Modernity and Modernism II Gustave Corbet III Jean Francois Millet IV Edouard Manet V Bar at the Folies Bergere The Rise of Impressionism VI Claude Monet VII Pierre Auguste Renior VIII Mary Cassat IX Edward Degas Current Lecture Academies of Art formed around the world new styles formed as artists broke away from academy ideals Alexandre Cabanel Birth of Venus Paris Academic Technically a history painting but it s hard to imagine the lesson to be learned Won the highest award Modernity and Modernism Modermity decisive break between the past and the present can look to the past for inspiration but not directions because the world has changed so much Modernism try to express the quality of modern life rejection of academic themes as irrelevant avant garde group that works in advance of the mainstream Gustave Corbet The Stone Breakers Paris Realism Display of poverty sense that once poor you stay poor Old man s vest is suggestive of middle class pants are clearly workman s Young man s clothing also suggestive of middle class These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Indicates that this could happen to anyone faceless so the viewer can identify witht them more Browns sense of dreariness Jean Francois Millet The Gleaners France Realism Shows poor women picking up the stray grains and stalks Considered charity at the time shown in a way to question that idea Edouard Manet Olympia Paris proto Impressionism Seemingly derived from the Venus of Clearly a working girl People didn t like that this was a real woman that one might actually see Woman has a cold confrontational look Her figure is not idealized Bar at the Folies Bergere Paris proto Impressionism Entertainment district Girl is blankly staring out at the scene that is show to us through the mirror Like the things on the counter she is for sale The two figures on the right are her from behind talking to a gentleman Reddish hands and face indicate that she is from the country Style derived from velasquez The Rise of Impressionism Manet tried to reform the academic structre from within to allow for more academic freedom A group of artists inc Monet Renoir Degas hold an independent show Name impressionism comes from a negative review Claude Monet Impression Sunrise Paris Impressionism Paints entire thing outside trying to capture the light of the early dawn Haystacks series 1890 91 Impressionism Intended on painting 2 one cloudy one sunny eventually made around 30 Painted the various lighting and shadows throughout the day Water Lilies Heavy in color thick brush strokes reflections of trees in the water En plein air painting outside Pierre Auguste Renior Moulin de la Galette Paris Impressionism beer garden middle class entertainment hangout Mary Cassat Mother and Child Paris Impressionism The edges of the painting are broken down into broad strokes of color Didn t have access to most middle class activities Painted lots of mother child images Edward Degas The Rehearsal Onstage Paris Impressionism Brothels bars ballet Ballet considered similar to a brothel In this time period women wore long skirts if even an ankle showed it was scandalous Ballerinas showed whole legs especially in high kicks bosom also usually shown Very asymetrical and off centered not very composed seeming

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