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Middle Renaissance

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Middle Renaissance


Middle Renaissance in Italy, mainly Florence, focus on cathedrals

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Arts 150 - Art History Survey Ii
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ARTS 150 1st Edition Lecture 4 Outline of Lecture 4 I Early Renaissance a Examples of art Outline of Lecture 5 I Middle Renaissance II Republic of Florence Italy a Cathedrals Current Lecture I Mid Renaissance a Arnolfini Double Portrait 1434 Northern Renaissance Jan van Eyck 33 x22 oil on wood i darker coloring than main renaissance trends has incorporation of shadows for depth b Ghent Altarpiece Jan and Huber van Eyck oil on panel 11 x15 Flanders northern renaissance 1432 i When open shows God Jesus seated on throne wearing elaborate crown similar to a pope s headpiece an earthly crown showing he is god of earth as well as god of heaven a crowned Mary and John the Baptist on either side naked Adam and Eve on the far sides they are covering themselves modestly Adam s figure shows that the brothers studied the human body to achieve a level of detail Eve looks more like a doll showing that they didn t study the female in the same way getting a female to pose nude would be considered wrong and unChristian bottom inside panel it is the end of time vision in the center of a lamb on an alter with a wound on its side pouring into a chalice represents Jesus the people surrounding are the righteous the wine in mass is transformed into the blood of Christ angels around are holding the objects of his crucifixion and sacrifice depth and perspective are not yet correct but then artists are beginning to try to incorporate it Alter piece types diptych two panels that open triptych three panels that open Iconography symbolic writing These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute II Italy Republic of Florence birthplace of the renaissance a Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Florence begun 1296 but didn t know how to construct the dome they wanted it was later designed in the 1400s by Filippo Brunelleschi i Compare to Chartes Cathedral Former more geometric different colored

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