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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


impressionism, dada, post impressionism, surrealism, futurism, fauvism, purism, cubism, arts and crafts, art nouveau, etc.

Study Guide
Texas A&M University
Arts 150 - Art History Survey Ii
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ARTS 150 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 26 32 I Slides to know i Slide Artist Piece Year Media Location Era II Extra Credit Questions III Technical Aspect Photography IV Major Developments and Movements i Artists Slides to Know Lecture 26 Class 32 Exhibitions and the Rise of Photography Slide 4 Louis Daguerre The Artist s Studio 1839 Daguerreotype France Goes back to the early genre of still life Slide 6 Henry Fox Talbot The Open Door 1843 calotype paper negative England Slide 9 Timothy O Sullivan Home of the Rebel Sharpshooter Battle field at Gettysburg 1863 albumen print wet collodion process USA Photographers starting using photography to document war Many are known to have composed their photos dragged bodies added props High detail photography Slide 11 Julia Margaret Cameron Portrait of Thomas Carlyle 1867 albumen print wet collodion process England Has access to all the necessary equipment was wealthy and to important people of the day Purposely used a soft focus pictorialism Slide 16 Joseph Paxton Crystal Palace England 1851 First world exposition in history Greenhouse style structure steel framework filled with glass People of the time thought it was ugly Interior o Internal structures can be taken down put up reconfigured o Expositions would have tens of millions of people o Displayed different aspects of the country showing off Slide 20 Gustave Eiffel Eiffel Tower 1887 89 Paris Built on swampy ground also had to account for wind force Machine aesthetic Lots of people hated it at the time Was not initially meant to be permanent Slide 22 Types and Development of Man poster made for the St Louis World s Fair 1904 USA Lists ethnicities like a ladder with white at the top and everyone else was below them Lecture 27 Class 33 Academic Art Realism and Impressionism Slide 3 Jean Leon G r me The Snake Charmer 1870 France Academic Used on the cover of Edward Said s book Nude boy brings up pedophilic child endangerment Watchers are on the floor crouched together are very raggedy carrying spears and shields Tiles on the wall are falling off Slide 6 Alexandre Cabanel Birth of Venus 1863 France Academic Technically a history painting but it s hard to imagine the lesson to be learned Won the highest award at the exhibition Slide 8 Gustave Courbet The Stone Breakers 1849 France Realist Display of poverty sense that once poor you stay poor Old man s vest is suggestive of middle class pants are clearly workman s Young man s clothing also suggestive of middle class Indicates that this could happen to anyone faceless so the viewer can identify with them more Browns give sense of dreariness Slide 10 Jean Francois Millet The Gleaners 1857 France Realist Shows poor women picking up the stray grains and stalks Considered charity at the time shown in a way to question that idea Slide 11 Edouard Manet Olympia 1863 France proto Impressionist Seemingly derived from the Venus of Urbino Clearly a working girl People didn t like that this was a real woman that one might actually see Woman has a cold confrontational look Her figure is not idealized Slide 14 Edouard Manet Bar at the Folies Bergere 1881 2 France proto Impressionist Entertainment district Girl is blankly staring out at the scene that is show to us through the mirror Like the things on the counter she is for sale The two figures on the right are her from behind talking to a gentleman Reddish hands and face indicate that she is from the country Style derived from Velasquez Slide 18 Claude Monet Impression Sunrise 1872 France Impressionist Paints entire thing outside trying to capture the light of the early dawn Slide 19 Claude Monet Haystacks series 1890 91 France Impressionist Intended on painting 2 one cloudy one sunny eventually made around 30 Painted the various lighting and shadows throughout the day Slide 22 Pierre Auguste Renoir Moulin de la Galette 1876 France Impressionist beer garden middle class entertainment hangout Slide 23 Mary Cassat Mother and Child 1890 France Impressionist The edges of the painting are broken down into broad strokes of color Didn t have access to most middle class activities Painted lots of mother child images Slide 24 Edgar Degas The Rehearsal Onstage 1874 France Impressionist Brothels bars ballet Ballet considered similar to a brothel In this time period women wore long skirts if even an ankle showed it was scandalous Ballerinas showed whole legs especially in high kicks bosom also usually shown Very asymetrical and off centered not very composed seeming Lecture 28 Class 34 Japonisme and Post Impressionism Slide 5 Edgar Degas Little Ballerina 1878 80 France Impressionist Clothing is the equivalent to undergarments at the time Slide 12 Edouard Manet Portrait of Emile Zola 1867 France protoImpressionist Japanese props to show that he is cultured Slide 14 Claude Monet Japanese Bridge 1905 France Impressionist Slide 17 James Whistler Arrangement in Grey and Black Number One The Artist s Mother Whistler s Mother 1877 England Impressionist Aesthetic Approach or Art for Art s sake Art should be about colors forms and shapes Uses the relationships between colors and shapes Slide 19 James Whistler Nocturne in Black and Gold the Falling Rocket 1877 England Impressionist Taken to court for not being real art He won but it bankrupted him Slide 20 Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait dedicated to Paul Gaugin 1888 France PostImpressionist Thick texture of the paint His eyes look Asian Slide 21 Vincent Van Gogh Copy of Hiroshige 1887 France Post Impressionist copies Japanese prints very faithfully instead of adjusting it to a more impressionist style Slide24 Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night 1889 France Post Impressionist Painted in an asylum Slide 26 Paul Gaugin Vision after the Sermon 1888 France Post Impressionist Lots of vivid color asymmetrical Slide 27 Paul Gaugin Manao Tupapao Spirit of the Dead Watching 1892 France Post Impressionist Trying to adopt Japanese styles Ancestor worship but doesn t get it quite right Lecture 29 Class 35 Post Impressionism and New Approaches to Design and Architecture Slide 7 Henri de Toulouse Lautrec Jane Avril 1893 France PostImpressionist Shows a dancer the kind that high kick their skirts up very simplistic dark outlines on Slide 10 Edvard Munch The Scream 1893 Norway Post Impressionist Painting what they feel Ominous due to two approaching figures Uses line and color to create a sense of emotion and tension Slide 12 Edmonia Lewis Forever Free 1867 marble Washington D C

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