TAMU ARTS 150 - Photography and Exhibitions (3 pages)

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Photography and Exhibitions

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Photography and Exhibitions


Intro into the modern art era

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Arts 150 - Art History Survey Ii
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ARTS 150 1st Edition Lecture 26 Beginning of Section 4 Modernism in Western Art Outline of Lecture 26 I Photography II Anthropometry III Exhibitions Current Lecture Photography the technical aspect of this section Camera obscura Has been an idea since the late Renaissance but there was no way to permanently affix the image Louis Daguerre The Artist s Studio Paris Goes back to the early genre of still life Daguerreotype earliest photography technique prints image directly onto a treated silver plated copper sheet not good for portraits at first they would come out blurry Daguerreotype of Samuel Finely Breese Morse People prefer this for portraits instead of paintings faster cheaper Henry Fox Talbot The Open Door England calotype paper negative Oscar Rejlander Two Ways of Life England calotype One side is refined Christian one is sex drugs rock and roll Queen Victoria bought multiple of this print Pictorialism create photos with the same concepts of composition of paintings start using glass plate negatives printing on treated paper alumen and egg whites Timothy O Sullivan Home of the Rebel Sharpshooter Battlefield at Gettysburg USA glass plate negative albumen print These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Photographers starting using photography to document war Many are known to have composed their photos dragged bodies added props High detail photography Harvest of Death USA glass plate negative albumen print People trust want the photographs of the battle instead of sketches Julia Margaret Cameron Portrait of Thomas Carlyle England glass plate negative albumen print Has access to all the necessary equipment was wealthy and to important people of the day Purposely used a soft focus pictorialism Pre Raphaelite Study Dresses up her friends to recreate paintings in photography Anthropometry the measure of man more specifically the scientific attempt to use photography to classify races and ethnicities according to facial and body types The images of the African American men are ordered by attractiveness based on similarity to European features Documentary photographs of Australian aboriginals and Native American Pawnee late 19th cent Skews people s ideas about these people creates reinforces stereotypes Japan opens up its borders Stillfried studios Blind Masseuse 1870 japan Being a masseuse was considered a good job for the blind They would carry a cane and a small flute they play a specific tune to let you know they were a masseuse Joseph Paxton Crystal Palace England 1851 First world exposition in history Greenhouse style structure steel framework filled with glass People of the time thought it was ugly Interior Internal structures can be taken down put up reconfigured Expositions would have tens of millions of people Displayed different aspects of the country showing off Gustave Eiffel Eiffel Tower Paris cast iron 1000 ft high Built on swampy ground also had to account for wind force Machine aesthetic Lots of people hated it at the time Was not initially meant to be permanent Machine Aesthetic World s Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893 To honor Columbus s discovery of the Americas Types and development of Man Poster made for the St Louis world s fair Lists ethnicities like a ladder with white at the top and everyone else was below them Anthropometry scientific racism biology is destiny Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres Large Odalisque Very offensive Edward Said Orientalism book When a dominant culture is writes about subordinate culture displays sub as childlike no neutrality Jean Leon Gerome The Snake Charmer France Used on the cover of Said s book Nude boy brings up pedophilic child endangerment Watchers are on the floor crouched together are very raggedy carrying spears and shields Tiles on the wall are falling off

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