TAMU ARTS 150 - Modernism in Architecture (3 pages)

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Modernism in Architecture

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Modernism in Architecture


Modernism and functionality of their designs

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Arts 150 - Art History Survey Ii
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ARTS 150 1st Edition Lecture 30 Outline of Lecture 29 Post Impressionism I Paul Gaugin II Henri de Tolouse Lautrec III Edvard Munch IV Edmonia Lewis V Auguste Rodin VI William Morris Arts and Crafts movement VII Art Nouveau VIII IX Victor Horta Tiffany and Co Outline of Lecture 30 I Antonio Gaudi The Skyscraper II Louis Sullivan III Cass Gilbert Art Deco style IV William van Alen V VI Frank Lloyd Wright Katsura Imperial Villa VII Frank Lloyd Wright VIII Walter Gropius Characteristics of the Bauhaus Modernist International Style IX Marvel Breuer X Marianne Brandt Current Lecture Antonio Gaudi Casa Batllo Spain 1900 Undulating walls parts look like masts bone like at bottom onion dome on top no straight lines Very fanciful The Skyscraper First generation Chicago St Louis MO 1880 1900 under 20 floors These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Second gen New York City over 20 floors Louis Sullivan Wainwright Building St Louis MO Modernism 1890 91 Chicago fire gives architects a clean slate steel developed around 1870 About 10 floors this was radical other buildings usually only a few floors electric elevator developed in 1889 Before elevator the top floor was least desirable now it is greatest Believed that the buildings should still be beautiful Hand crafted stone floral foliage pattern flattened column Cass Gilbert Woolworth Building New York Gothic Revival 1911 55 floors 792 ft tall tallest building at the time it was built Very popular store with rentable office spaces Art Deco style Takes Art Nouveau and makes it geometric William van Alen Chrysler Building New York Art Deco Modernism 1928 Geometric tiered Crown like pattern on top Shiny exterior Gargoyle like falcons on the top Tallest building once completed finished just after the Woolworth building Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House Prairie School Modernism 1906 Very flattened down and stacked unlike the usual style that built up with turrets and bay windows Changes from a patio to a walled style so you can sit without being watched by people as they walk down the street Peaked roofs needed for snow to roll off his roofs are flat His houses usually have structural flaws Built in furniture wanted the outside to be matched by the inside Influenced by Japanese prints elimination of the insignificant Katsura Imperial Villa Japan This is the type of building that was influencing FLW s style Low roofs spread out not structurally centered No irregular shapes all rectangles and squares Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Prairie School Modernism 1936 Modular elements Asymmetrical Lots of decks Interior bring the outside in like Japanese style large long windows stone floor unsmoothed stone Cantilever a beam anchored at only one end that allows for things like projecting balconies Walter Gropius Bauhaus Dessau Germany Modernism 1925 Wanted to break away from the academy Wanted a school where all the arts were taught in the same place without hierarchy Believed that all the arts should work together and are equally important Characteristics of the Bauhaus Modernist International Style Functionalism form follows function Elimination of the historical styles and ornament Truth the material if it is made of concrete steel it should look like concrete steel Architecture integrated into the landscape furniture integrated with architecture Modular elements Union of art and technology Marvel Breuer Wassily Chair steel and canvas Germany Bauhaus Modernism 1925 Machine Aesthetic Wanted to make furniture that could be made by machine Very comfortable easy to clean Marianne Brandt Coffee and Tea Service Germany Bauhaus Modernism 1924 Women were accepted by the school more than any other school They were expected to contribute more in the kitchen cleaning areas First to use rubber on the tea pot handle

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