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Mexico III

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Mexico III


This lecture goes over the key challenges in Mexico's political system right now, and also the struggles of the "Drug War" and drug cartels in Mexico today.

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Polisci 106 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
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POLI SCI 106 1st Edition Lecture 24 Outline of Last Lecture 1 Mexico Since 2000 2 Partido Accion Nacional PAN 3 Partido de la Revolucion Democratica PRD 4 Mexico Since 2000 continued 5 Mexico s Political System 6 Executive Under PRI 7 Executive Today 8 Legislature 9 Judiciary 10 Federalism 11 Election Reform 12 National Electoral Institute INE 13 INE s Tasks 14 Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch TEPJF 15 Office of the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes 16 Evolution 17 Anti Fraud Measures Outline of Current Lecture 1 Challenges 2 Drug War Current Lecture Mexico III Challenges Serious social and economic problems highly unequal distribution of wealth 50 of Mexicans below World Bank s poverty level 20 in extreme poverty growing poverty high unemployment especially youth education system needs modernization developmental gap between North and South environmental problems barely functioning criminal justice system These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Drug War Death toll 2006 2012 60 000 Cartels target competition but also those who work against them police judges journalists undermines already weak system also terribly gruesome violence Drug War most salient political issue since 2006 Problems best predictor of homicide rates level of poverty in a municipio followed by unemployment rate and income inequality extensive involvement and corruption of law enforcement U S drug sales worth 19 29 billion year to cartels 90 of cocaine entering U S transits through Mexico about 70 of criminal guns recovered in 2007 11 originally sold in U S Sept 2014 43 students abducted and killed in Iguala 43 students arrested by police in Iguala and turned over to members of a drug cartel in order of mayor of Iguala and his wife both on cartel s payroll apparent concern that the students wanted to disrupt an event featuring the mayor s wife who intended to run for local office all 43 killed bodies piled up set on fire burned for 6 hours bagged and thrown into river Story has exposed the tight relationship between politics law enforcement and organized crime Sparked violent protests across country Shows how weak the state has become Federal govt announces reforms centralization of law enforcement possibility of dissolving corrupt local administrations fight social causes of violence

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