UW-Madison POLISCI 106 - States vs. Nations (4 pages)

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States vs. Nations

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States vs. Nations


This lecture looks at the idea of a nation-state, and compares nationalism to patriotism. It also talks about political systems and constitutions.

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Polisci 106 - Introduction to Comparative Politics

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POLI SCI 106 1nd Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Last Lecture II Comparative Politics III Key Concepts IV The State V Definition The State VI Polity Politics and Policy VII Requisite Functions of the State VIII State Society Relations IX Normative Views of the State X State Today XI The Inevitable State Outline of Current Lecture The State and Democracy II 1 States vs Nations 2 Challenges to the State 3 National Identity 4 Nationalism 5 Nationalism vs Patriotism 6 National Self Determination 7 Why Do People Accept Authority 8 Legitimacy 9 The Political System 10 Constitutions 11 Constitutions and Power Current Lecture The State and Democracy II States vs Nations Nation social cultural concept group of people who feel strong affinity for each other common aspirations especially self government sovereignty Nation state area with territorial boundaries of single state citizenry who share primary national identity very few exist many are multicultural These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Ethnolinguistic Fractionalization 2 people randomly meet different linguistic background greater probability of this happening suggests diversity ranges from a score of 0 to 1 usually closer to 0 means more homogeneous country Contradiction between state and nation can cause violence Separation into Pakistan and India caused much bloodshed two states are still in conflict with each other intrastate conflict over region they both claim as their own Political violence between Hindus and Muslims in India Challenges to the State Ethnic religious regional conflict Ex Belgian conflict nonviolent Increasing heterogeneity of societies Globalization Regional integration supranational governance National Identity referendum of Scotland seceding from the UK despite challenges modern state resilient stable important pillar national identity based on concept of nation usually derived from

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