CSU HIST 100 - The Roman Empire (5 pages)

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The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire


Roman Empire

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Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Hist 100 - Western Civilization, Pre-Modern (GT-HI1)

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HIST 100 1st Edition Lecture 7 Deification of Caesar Sidius Iulim Caesaris Astrum Day light visible comet o Octavian Augustus Caesar Adopted son of Caesar Second triumvirate Marc Antony Marcus Lepidus Breaks down Caesarion Antony Cleopatra Battle of Actium Decisive victory for Octavian Last battle of roman republic Beginning of roman empire Caesar First roman emperor 44 BC 14 AD Participate first period of roman empire o Trying to maintain the illusion that the republic is still in effect o First citizen of Rome Moderation man of people Res Gestae Divi Augusti Golden Age of Latin Literature Virgils Aeneid Ovid o Metamorphoses Amores Love Affairs and Ars Amatoria Art of Love Horace o Odes Satires Caligula o 3rd emperor of Rome o Father was Germanicus The nephew and adopted son of emperor Tiberius Successful general These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Inherited throne Scandals Promiscuity Incest Insanity Cruelty First emperor to be assassinated Nero 5th emperor of Rome Matricide o Mother Agrippina o Killed Claudius with poison Great Fire of Rome o Rumor played lyre and sand o Persecution of Christians Suicide o Year of the four emperors Pax Romana Most peaceful time in history o 200 yr of stability gradual and peaceful expansion o Consolidation of roman empire o Even after peace empire lasted until 476 BC Began with Augustus Got a little weird under Julio Claudians Most success under the five good emperors o Nerva Trajan Hadrian Antonius Pius Marcus Aurelius A Divided Judaea Hellenization had resulted in many Jewish factions o Differing commitments to Temple observance and authority of priests o New focus on rabbinical leadership and oral Torah o Belief in coming apocalypse Jews marrying non Jews Exiled Jews close contact with Zoroastrianism Three philosophical Jewish sects o Sadducees people of the land Immortality of soul resurrection of dead o

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