CSU HIST 100 - Last of the Anglo - Saxons (4 pages)

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Last of the Anglo - Saxons

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Last of the Anglo - Saxons


Last of the Anglo- Saxons Norman Invasion Henry I Magna Carta Crisis of the fourteenth Century Mongolian Expansion What’s stopped European Invasion ? 100 Years War Power Struggle Edward III ( 1327 – 1377) Treaty of Troyes (Charles VI) Designated English King (Henry V) as his heir Henry VI War of Roses Joan of Arc Capture, Trial, Execution

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Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Hist 100 - Western Civilization, Pre-Modern (GT-HI1)

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HIST 100 1st Edition Lecture 12 Last of the Anglo Saxons King Edward died in 1066 Three men wanted to be king of England Harold Godwinson English Nobleman Harald Hardrada King of Norway Duke William of Normandy in Northern France Norman Invasion Invasion and occupation of England By Normans William the Conqueror 1066 Battle of Hastings Henry I William the Conqueror s son Codified England s Government system o Royal law courts o Charter of Liberties To influence Magna Carta o Attempts at controlling the church o Ongoing growth of King s power Magna Carta 1215 regulated the relationship between Kings and feudal lords Law is not arbitrary o Common law o Statutory Law Influenced US constitution British gov Crisis of the fourteenth Century Mongols Genghis Khan 1206 1227 Ogede Khan 1229 1241 Invaded Poland Russia Hungary These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Guyuk khan 1246 1248 Mongke Khan 1251 1259 Kublai Khan 1260 1294 Yuan Dynasty Toghan Temun Khan 1333 1370 Mongolian Expansion Melee Useless against Mongols Superior numbers Nomadic lifestyle Psychological warfare Weapons bow chinese gunpowder Mix of sulfur charcoalpotassium nitrate China 9th century Mongols credited with introduction to Europe o Battle of Moni vs Hungarians What s stopped European Invasion Densely populated German principalities Weather affected glue 100 Years War 1337 1453 between England and France Norman Conquest of England o English king duke of Normandy Feudal homage Power Struggle English kings gained upper hand by marriage Edward III 1327 1377 Claimed French throne On off war longest in Western History Treaty of Troyes Charles VI Mentally ill most of his reign Designated English King Henry V as his heir French throne will pass to England Even though Charles had legimate heir England looks to win France Both Heirs died 1422 Technically should have passed to English Henry VI English

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