CSU HIST 100 - Final Exam Study Guide (11 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Final study guide

Study Guide
Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Hist 100 - Western Civilization, Pre-Modern (GT-HI1)

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HIST 100 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Martin Luther German Monk Major figure behind reformation Studied scripture o Against indulgences o Didn t believe all sacraments Translated Bible into German Ex communicated from church diet of worms Wittenburg revolt of peasants condemned them for violence 95 Theses Thoughts on problems with the Catholic church o Pluralism o Indulgences o Sacraments John Calvin Humanist Lawyer Left Catholic Church Geneva Transubstantiation o Believed it was metaphorical not real Pre destination Biblical literalist Significance of reformation Break in catholic church to many sects Made the church less significant as a power Religious violence in Europe Made possible by printing press Religious Climate of Reformation Reform from inside church Erasmus Branching of from o Anglican Henry VII o Lutheran People reading and interpreting bible for themselves o Translation and printing press o Church made irrelevant for protestant faith Religion dictated by rulers of region o Changes between protestants and Catholics Henry VII Married Catherine of Aragon o No son Wanted a divorce but church didn t allow it Anne Boleyn o Breaks from catholic church to start church of England Anglican Has Anne executed 6 wives total Protestant church monarch at the head Son Edward VI o takes throne but dies o Mary takes throne Catholicism o Throne to Elizabeth Anglican golden age of England Machiavelli Wrote the prince o One of the first modern state craft books o How states and king should interact with people each other in a modern state Founder of political sciences Humanist Politician Philosopher Studia Humanitatis Study of humanities Grammar History Poetry University dominates scholasticism Humanism Belief in human potential Concern to develop human potential and value the individual Comes in age of the renaissance Leonardo da Vinci Renaissance artist Oil blending The last super Mona Lisa Natural sciences Birds flying Characteristics of the Renaissance Rebirth

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