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o Classism o Humanism • State craft • Brunelleschi o Classical o Patronage/ Medici • Printing press

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Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Hist 100 - Western Civilization, Pre-Modern (GT-HI1)
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HIST 100 1st Edition Lecture 13 th th Renaissance Rebirth 14 17 century Classical Greek Roman culture Art evolved during this age Main characteristics o Classism Greek and Roman literature history culture art and architecture and language Aristotle Ptolemy Galen Euclid Virgil Horace Monasticism Renaissance men expanded the cannon o Humanism Individual potential valor Relative secularism Sought to define the place of humanity in gods divine plan Relationship of god and man Studies humanities o Moral philosophy o University dominated by scholasticism o Modern state o Bringing back Greek and roman culture State craft o Abstraction o Legal entity Brunelleschi o Classical architect o Why Italy Urban centers Trade manufacture nexus Literacy Nobles Classical past These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Patronage Medici Banking textile family Nobility 3 generations ruled republic of Florence Cosmo Piero Lorenzo Nobility would invest their money Money was publically invested Printing press o 1400s increased literacy and demand o laborious expensive o paper china 1000 years earlier o Islamic world 8th century o 12th century Europe o 13th century manufactured in Europe o Books o Carolingian Miniscule Fancy writing o Woodcuts Printing by means of wood

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