WVU POLS 103 - Final Exam Study Guide (3 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study guide for the final test covering the last few weeks of material from the economist.

Study Guide
West Virginia University
Pols 103 - Global Political Issues
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POLS 103 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Brazil Election Rousseff over Neves Poor north over rich er South Incumbents usually win Taiwan Hong Kong History Formation China s view internal matter USA s policy Economic relations with China Effect of Hong Kong protests in Taiwan Chinese Constitution Differences between Chinese view of constitution and US view Goal is to enforce party discipline and reduce corruption Link between corruption and economic growth Jihad Ideology Not all Islamic Fundamentalists believe the same thing History of Islamic Fundamentalist ideology ISIS beliefs aren t new Tunisia Elections Secular party wins over Islamists rare success of Arab Spring Putin s Anti Americanism Anti Westernism Does he mean it or is this just a way to rally public support to him Rally round the flag effect create nationalism for his people so they support him Results Governance issues Veto points effect on efficient governance and changing government Framing was it a Republican wave election or bad Democratic candidates Senate What changed Now Republican controlled Little effect b c of cloture rule House What changed Republicans increase margin little effect few minority rights Ballot Initiatives almost all went on the Democratic side Local Elections Republican gerrymandering works Governorships Republican United Nations Global Governance No global government Coordination postal rules and air traffic control Intergovernmental Organizations IGOs Formal or Informal Formal classification general specific vs Global Regional UN History Purpose Organization Security Council Peacekeepers Budget UN in Syria why no action There has been no formal declaration of war UN in Jerusalem Israel Palestine why limited involvement Veto power by states India Pakistan Sharif wants peace Modi doesn t why UN involvement China why will the UN never act China has veto power Globalization Mechanisms IMF Official versus unofficial role History Bretton Woods Official loans stabilize currency economy collateral policy change capitalism globalization Unofficial report card influences outside investment money Washington Consensus golden straight jacket Arguments violates sovereignty vs good steward of money Poor state s dilemma Brazil Russia being rejected by global markets Abenomics Japan to big for IMF but reform still necessary Climate Change Environment Ecosystem Carrying Capacity Collective Action Problem Sovereignty and the Environment States own their environment Globalization and the Environment more movement more plants animals diseases move around and cause disruptive effects invasive species Solutions High Technology Creativity Capitalism vs Cooperation Global Warming Kyoto Protocols effect on economics Rich vs Poor argument about Global Warming but all environmental issues US Mid terms Obama s Climate agreement with China issues of governance regulation government action inaction New Republican Senate effect on foreign policy less effect on Iran more on Syria Russia Lame Duck session actions Mexico Capacity and Autonomy Comparative Politics Definitions of Autonomy and Capacity examples of high low capacity and autonomy states size of the problem effects ability of state to act Pena Mexico corruption and violence reduce capacity and autonomy New oil gas changes may increase capacity autonomy Russia collapse of the Ruble Why Effect on Putin s capacity and autonomy Sidebar on international law Yukos lawsuits Iran update on nuclear deal still a deadlock no deal yet Syria update on civil war still a stalemate USA s bombing hasn t tipped the scales Pacific Ocean hegemony Shift of global economics politics to the Pacific as states rise Underlying conflict between China and USA whose rules are we converging towards USA says that you own the waters and everything up to 20 miles out but own the oil and wha is under water up to 200 miles out China says that you own everything up to 200 miles out Creates controversy over the islands near China because according to their rules China owns the islands but according to US rules China does not TTP USA versus RCEP China Examples freedom of the seas and resolving conflicts disputes nine dash line USA and China use mix of hard soft power to try to influence states towards their side Immigration USA issue Obama executive order what changed Children brought into the country cannot be deported allows people who are not citizens to be able to rent houses and such Context immigrants in USA congressional inaction demographics Political issues Republican issues with demographics Israel has a demographic issue with Jews Arabs taking initial steps to reduce democracy and keep Arabs out of politics Hagel Obama fires his Secretary of Defense Reflects Obama s shifting priorities politics not Hagel s Part of it is public relations showing new policies Afghanistan Failure of development efforts same number in poverty as before war Iran final update No deal at deadline talks extended Spying Cryptography Private companies are adding encryption to their data this prevents NSA from following what the bad guys and good guys are doing Democracy vs secrecy Snowden previous history of NSA attempts at access to data NSA promotes weaker encryption standards pros and cons NSA buys software hardware weaknesses on open market Intel primary purposes and intel cycle Article s conclusion argues that NSA will have harder time doing intel reducing uncertainty Pirates comparison of Somali vs Nigerian pirate organizations Different goals different structures different governments Different global response because the Nigerian pirate organizations are linked to their government and the Somali pirates are acting independently and easier to get rid of

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