WVU POLS 103 - Obama's executive order (2 pages)

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Obama's executive order

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Obama's executive order


executive order on immigration from Obama, Israel is gaining a large Arab population and its Jewish population is declining. Hagel has been replaced because Obama's policy choices have changed. Afghanistan doesn't look like it has been changed or benefitted from the money it has been given. Iran hasn't been going anywhere.

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POLS 103 1st Edition Outline of Last Lecture 1 The Pacific US Influence China Influence Lecture 38 Outline of Current Lecture II Immigration III Israel IV Hagel V Afghanistan VI Iran Current Lecture Immigration Executive order about Immigration from Obama about 11 million illegal immigrants in the US Democrats seem to have a huge advantage in presidential elections because of immigrants primarily Hispanic tend to vote democratic Israel Has a large Jewish population and Arab population this is a demographic issue Israel had a lot of Jewish votes but it appears that Arabs are growing and there will be a bigger population of Arab voters in the future Huge debate is Israel a democracy or a Jewish state Israel is on a path to reduce democracy 1 remove Arabic as an official language 2 make democracy less important than Jewishness Hagel These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Obama fired Hagen Secretary of Defense Hagel didn t do anything wrong it is purely policy issue his views haven t changed when he was hired by Obama their views were the same less force from the military but now Obama s views have shifted he has become more proforce so he had to get rid of Hagel This is a Public Relations factor Selling people on policies you have is critical to getting that policy accepted People wanted more aggression in going after Syria and Russia so Obama responded Afghanistan Purpose of going to Afghanistan was to rebuild the country in 2004 the poverty rate was 36 the Us s purpose was to combat terrorism to solve poverty make Taliban go away US has spent about 1 trillion dollars in Afghanistan Now the poverty rate is still 36 this is a terrible sign have we wasted a trillion dollars there is some good more schools better military government doing better but also bad corruption lots of factions and still Taliban which is growing Iran There has been no change talking

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