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Economist Magazine Articles

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Economist Magazine Articles


Economist articles give a sense of globalization in the world.

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Pols 103 - Global Political Issues
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POLS 103 September 17 Lecture 11 Outline of Last Lecture I Russia economy is not doing well which is why Ukraine wants to become independent country favoring the west II sanctions put on a country can even hurt the country who issues them III Pakistan is important because they have been the center of key wars and have nuclear weapons Outline of Current Lecture II Short stories linked to globalization a Detroit b Japan c Wage stagflation III Scotland a what will becoming independent do to the country and rest of the world IV Globalization Current Lecture Short Stories in the Economist linked to globalization 1 Detroit 1 has gone bankrupt because they haven t handles finances particularly wellmainly the water supply 2 the city itself has declined over the years because what made it prosperous is now no longer a key player 3 The city owns the water supply and when people didn t pay their water bill the city didn t cut off the water supply Then over the summer the city decided to crack down and cut off the water supply because people weren t paying their bills These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 4 has become a human rights issue can Detroit not allow people to have clean water just because they can t pay their bills 2 Japan 1 Japan has recently shifted around cabinet members because of problems in the economy 2 13 years ago it entered a recession hasn t come out 3 economy has stagnated 4 rest of the world is growing Japan is declining 3 Wage Stagflation 1 for most of the rich world wages have not changed in the past 5 years 2 inflation is happening on prices but wages are not increasing to compensate 3 the economies of these states are growing wages are not 4 it is happening all over the world not just in the US 5 this is because the world is more globalized and economies are all connected to each other 6 economic decisions made in one state can effect

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