WVU POLS 103 - Russia Ukraine Conflict (2 pages)

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Russia Ukraine Conflict

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Russia Ukraine Conflict


Beginning lecture on reading from the Economist Magazine

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Pols 103 - Global Political Issues
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POLS 103 1st Edition Lecture 9 Outline of Current Lecture I How to read the Economist II Russia Ukraine conflict III Important players in conflict IV How conflict started Current Lecture How to read the Economist Magazine What does it say What are the assumptions of the article Is it written logically What are the conclusions Do I believe it How does is compare with other articles how does it compare with the theories we discussed in class The reason that there is so much political turmoil is because the world is complex and simply solutions do not exist in politics because of difference of opinion and different world views 1st article Russia Ukraine by most standards these two countries are at war US and Europe don t want to declare that Russia is at war with Ukraine because then each country would have to do something about it This is not concidered a war academic standards because Putin says that Russian troops are not involved no country has ouright declared war on Ukraine No other country except Ukraine is calling it a war because no one wants to intervene Relevant sections in the conflict 1 Russia because it is the biggest country and half of Ukraine is in Russia 2 Ukraine a strategic country because it is located sort of submerged in Russia 3 NATO USA 4 Germany European Union 5 Poland Baltic States What lead to the Russia Ukraine conflict Ukraine saw that Russia s economy was stagnating so a new government rose up and ousted the old government that was pro Russia This new government was pro Western because of the economic gains the west was experiencing The government hoped to join the European Union to improve their own countries economy Since almost half of Ukraine boarders Russia Russian rebels and some Russians that lived inside Ukraine retaliated in hopes of bringing Ukraine back on a pro Russia stance

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