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Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues


Environmental issues and environmental policies that are seen in the economist and the Worlds policies

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Pols 103 - Global Political Issues
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POLS 103 1st Edition Outline of Last Lecture 1 IMF A official B unofficial 2 IMF seen in articles Lecture 35 Outline of Current Lecture II Environmental Policies a definitions b Human health problems i how to solve them ii Economist Current Lecture Environmental Politics Definitions Ecosystem complex interconnections between animals plants and physical chemical factors Carrying Capacity number of people that can be supported by a given place Collection action problem tragedy of the commons Sovereignty from an environmental perspective states own their natural resources and can do whatever they want with them this means that even if there are effects across boarders the owner can do what they want and are not responsible for problems outside their state Human Health Issues Globalization Before diseases would burn themselves out because of no transportation Now environment effects can travel far and fast peoples actions in one place effect other place How we solve this These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Plan 1 High Technology Technology and creativity can over come all obstacles Green Industry more environmentally friendly Two versions soft green try to be as environmentally friendly as possible hard green the use of more and more resources in search of more efficient outcomes Plan 2 Cooperation Key what if we are reaching the environmental limit where ingenuity and capitalism can t save us Solutions working across international boarders Sustainability Achieve consensus agreeing there is a problem and then negotiate ex Global Warming must act now you can t do both plan 1 and 2 at the same time Environmental Issues are really hard sovereignty and tragedy of the commons issues present vs Future generation is it fair of the government to go against will of people for future US issues Link to recent mid term election role of government Regulation CAFE

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